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10 Vastu Tips For Prosperity And Happiness In 2024 | Culture News

A brand new year has begun and it’s time to look at things with a fresh perspective and ensure that we follow our New Year resolutions, without giving up. When it comes to your homes or workspace, it’s often believed that adherence to Vastu Shastra can ensure positivity as well as attract good fortune. According to Gurudev Shrie Kashyap, Chairman and Founder of All India Institute of Occult Science and True Vastu, “Vastu Shastra creates a positive atmosphere. When you apply Vastu tips with hard work together, it will surely bring success and happiness in your life.” The astrologer shares 10 Vastu tips for a happy and prosperous new year.

Vastu Shastra: 10 Tips For A Happy And Prosperous New Year

Gurudev Shrie Kashyap says, “To increase your happiness and success. Vastu Shastra focuses on establishing a positive atmosphere that allows positive energy to flow. This will maintain the good vibes in your life, house or workplace. By following Vastu tips for New Year 2024, prosperity and happiness will surely enter your life.” He shares the following 10 Vastu tips for prosperity and happiness:

1. Welcoming Entrance

Your main entrance look plays a very important part. Creating a welcoming entrance in the New Year 2024 with minor changes at the entrance can help a lot. Choose vibrant colours, art pieces, and plants suitable for entrance as per Vastu and direction. Maintain a clutter-free, neat and clean entrance area. Also, you can place Vastu-friendly items to attract positive energy. Remember, a welcoming entrance ensures the uninterrupted flow of positive energy, prosperity, and happiness in your life and home.


2. Vision Board For Success

Make your desires come true. Create a vision board to begin the year with your goals displayed on your table or wall. Place inspirational quotes and images in the right direction with the help of Vastu. In the new year 2024, your vision board can help you in attracting prosperity, happiness and achievement. You can also place a whiteboard where you can write your plants to achieve your goals.

3. Increase Positivity With Plants

Good vibes of plants like money plants and Tulsi can do wonders for your life. Using Vastu principles, arrange them thoughtfully throughout your house. The ideal locations are in the east, north, southeast, and south. In the East, use hues like green or brown, and in the North, use colours like blue or white. It will give your house a fashionable touch and great energy.

4. Clean Your Home

When your home is messy, it blocks good vibes. Mess causes a lot of problems and stops you from focusing on good things. A clean home brings peace and attracts prosperity and happiness inside the home. This Vastu tip works well for everyone. Clear out stuff you don’t need anymore or that’s broken. This will maintain the positive flow of energy. Especially keep your kitchen and bathroom clean.

5. Repair Leakage

Leaks at home can affect your wealth. It attracts negativity and many other problems. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Whether it’s in the toilet, terrace, kitchen or anywhere in the house. This is a very important Vastu tip for New Year 2023 to attract prosperity and happiness in your life and house.

6. Keep Your Money In Right Direction

Improve your financial condition with Vastu. Many people face difficulty in saving money. To avoid wealth-related issues, keep your locker or money in the West and North direction. This will attract wealth and happiness.

7. Watch The Direction In Which Sleep

Place your bed towards the North or the West-Southwest. If you’re sleeping in the wrong direction, it will attract negativity and many other losses. Sleeping in the right direction is good for your overall well-being and financial condition.

8. Pay Special Attention To North Direction

If you want to attract new opportunities, focus more on the North direction. If you want a relaxed mental state without using a lot of red, choose colours like white and soothing blue for the North wall. By using this Vastu tip, you can invite prosperity and happiness in your coming journey of New Year 2024.

9. Use Rock Salt

This is a very simple and cost-effective Vastu remedy. Rock salt removes negativity from the house. Every day you just need to dilute some rock salt in water while mopping to clean the floor. By doing this, you invite positivity inside and remove negative energy from your house or workplace.

10. Ensure Good Lighting

Sunshine or natural light is very beneficial for our overall wellness. This should be kept in mind when purchasing or building a home. Ensure that there is a way for natural light. Also, use high-quality lighting in every room so that they look warm and lively.




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