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12th Fail: Vikrant Massey Says Entire Cast Responsible For Film’s Performance | Movies News

NEW DELHI: Vikrant Massey is currently soaring in both his personal and professional spheres. His recent movie ’12th Fail’, garnered praise, coinciding with him expecting his first child with wife, actor Sheetal Massey. 

Reflecting on the film’s success, Massey appreciates the audience’s gratitude upon exiting the theater. Despite being a focal point in the film, he attributes its triumph to the entire cast, emphasizing the collective effort.

As the most popular name in this film, there was a lot of pressure on Massey for the film’s performance. However, the 36-year-old didn’t buckle under it and clarifies. He says, “My heart is full. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. When people walked out [of the theatre], they thanked us for making the film and that’s what matters most.”

He further continues, “I don’t think the film only did well because of me, the cast was equally responsible. It would be stupid of me to say, I am the only sellable face in the film? The film’s story was bigger than anyone.”

The actor is grateful that people are taking a chance on him. He says, “I have done around 25 films in 10 years. Bollywood is one of the most democratic, robust and progressive communities, but I won’t call it a family. People have given me a lot of support. If they didn’t recognise my talent, I wouldn’t be here. I prioritised consistency [in my career]. The idea was to win people’s trust and not just get attention.”

Navigating a decade in the industry with notable projects like ‘Lootera’ and ‘A Death’ in the ‘Gunj’, Massey expresses gratitude for the opportunities and support he’s received. He recognizes the film industry’s democratic nature but refrains from labeling it as a family, emphasizing the importance of consistency in his career and earning people’s trust.

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