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200 crore ‘Mannat’ was first offered to Salman Khan, due to this the talk stopped – the gorgeous bungalow Mannat was first offered to Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan wears expensive clothes, drives around in expensive cars and lives a luxurious life. ‘Mannat’ is King Khan’s palatial house by the sea where he lives a king size life. Shahrukh’s house is worth around 200 crores. However, few people would know that superstar Salman had his eye on this beautiful house by the sea. Then why didn’t Salman buy this bungalow?

Salman recently revealed in an interview that, ‘I was going to buy this bungalow before Shah Rukh but my father Salim Khan said, ‘What will you do in such a big house?’ Salman took his father’s advice seriously and gave up on the idea of ​​buying a bungalow. Finally the palatial bungalow became Shahrukh’s ‘mannat’.

The name of Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow in Mumbai is ‘Mannat’, which is visited by fans throughout the year. But, do you know that Shah Rukh Khan’s palatial house was first offered to actor Salman Khan, but Salman Khan refused. Because, recently actor Salman Khan has revealed that he was approached to buy this bungalow years ago. But, Salman Khan refused. Now actor Shahrukh Khan lives in Mannat.

Why did Salman Khan reject the ‘Mannat’ deal?

In a conversation with a news portal, Salman Khan said that he had received an offer to buy ‘Mannat’. Salman Khan was starting in Bollywood then and his father Salim Khan thought what Salman Khan would do in such a big house? Finally Salman Khan did not accept the offer to buy ‘Mannat’ and now the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan lives in this bungalow. Salman Khan reportedly told a reporter that he wanted to ask Shah Rukh Khan what he was doing in such a big house.

53-year-old Salman also said that he wanted to ask Shah Rukh what he was doing in such a big house. Shah Rukh in a radio show recalled the days when he bought the Mannat bungalow. He said, “I am from Delhi and Delhiites have the concept of living in Kothi. There is a concept of living in apartments in Mumbai. Even if there is no rich person in Delhi, he will try to buy a small bungalow.” Shah Rukh said, “When he came to Mumbai, he lived in a small apartment with my wife Gauri. My mother-in-law often told me that your house is small. When I first saw Mannat, the only thing that came to my mind was ‘Delhiwali Kothi’.” King Khan said that he had decided to buy Mannat on his own accord.

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