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Deepika Padukone achieves superstar status after tons of frustration

Deepika Padukone : Achieved success by facing many ups and downs

The world has taken note of the way Deepika Padukone faced frustration and stress. Deepika’s fight against depression has become a guideline for many young people.


Deepika Padukone, with her shapely body and charming smile, has not only achieved the status of a superstar due to her hit films but also due to her personality, which is rarely seen in the world of cinema.

Thus, Deepika tasted success as soon as she entered Bollywood. After her arrival in Bollywood, the definition of beauty and fashion seemed to change. Deepika, who has a different look from the traditional heroine, has been in the limelight from the very beginning. Deepika had to spend some time in the early stages of Bollywood as she was soon offered a role against superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Against Shah Rukh, Deepika gave a performance to a superstar. He has not looked back since.

Like fashion and appearance, Deepika Padukone has also made new strides in the field of acting. Diversity has been its credit. All the stars have to do such a role to earn money by staying in Bollywood. But over time, he has come to power in powerful roles. After Chennai Express, he has also given films like Chhapak, Piku and Housefull. Whether it is a film with historical roles like Padmavat and Bajirao Mastani or a romantic film like Ramlila or a masala film like Chennai Express, Deepika has done her role enough justice.

In this too, his chemistry against Ranveer Singh has proved to be amazing. Now this couple is Bollywood’s no. 1 is known as a couple. Deepika is an emotional actress while Ranveer is a sea of ​​enthusiasm and exhilaration. The world has taken notice of the way Deepika faced frustration and stress. The daughter of Indian badminton superstar Prakash Padukone has shown tremendous courage. He has shown the courage to stand up for what he believes in.

Down to earth perosnality

Yet Deepika Padukone states that I never consider myself a superstar.She don’t feel like she is different from everyone else.She just got her favorite character and consider herself lucky to have enough support from her family in all her camps. I have had countless opportunities and I have worked hard enough to turn those opportunities into accomplishments. I have sacrificed and I have tasted success. After all I went through this just like all normal girls.When I think about my past life, I don’t see any difference except when I was a teenager of 12 years old and now I am a 9 year old adult woman. Still I get up in the morning to get ready for the struggle and work hard for my work.

Deepika’s father Prakash Padukone was India’s biggest badminton player. Under such circumstances, any other girl would have made a career in sports. It was also said for Deepika that she would make a career in badminton.

mitted that I used to play professional badminton at school. But at one point I felt that sports were not for me. I had to do something different. I was interested in modeling, dancing and music. But I had no idea how to make my acting debut. As soon as I started modeling, at the age of 18, I got an offer from Farah Khan for Om Shanti Om and I never looked back.

The Coronation Lockdown has rocked many careers but Deepika has benefited the most this year. Deepika’s hit films like 2013’s Ramlila and Chennai Express are likely to be released this year.


About the films to be released this year,she says that Shakun Batra’s film is based on a story that has never been made before in Bollywood. Besides, I am optimistic about Nag Ashwin’s films being made in more than one language with Shah Rukh’s action film Pathan and Prabhas. Deepika is also very curious about the upcoming Hindi film from her Hathaway The Intern. He says the film is just as relevant today. I also want to say a lot to the world about my favorite character Draupadi in the Mahabharata.

Whether it is the glamorous girl of Cocktail or the Empress of Padmavat or the obedient daughter of Piku, Deepika has brought every character to life on the silver screen.She says that if I get a different kind of role as I am scared of being typecast, I will accept it immediately. I always thank the directors and writers for trusting me for such a variety of roles. Thus, Deepika, who grew up in a technological city of India like Bengaluru, is a housewife.Deepika still remembers the days of Bengaluru.

Deepika says that like all housewives, I do my housework. I have no idea how to behave in any other way. Ranveer is surprised when I do housework but this is how I grew up. Taking care of the house is not a job, for me it is a normal activity that I enjoy. This sacrament is in my blood.

Deepika, who started her modeling career, credits her success to her parents for inspiring her to do her favorite work and says that she is especially grateful to producer Anila Anand for giving her a chance in the modeling field. Photographer Atul Kasbekar also gave me the right guidance at the right time. I will never forget the gratitude of Shah Rukh and Farah Khan.He took full care of me after Om Shanti Om. How to accept films, how to appear before the media, how to focus on marketing and promotion. That’s why viewers like to see my chemistry on screen with him.

Married Life

Regarding the second phase of her life i.e. her marriage to Ranveer, Deepika says that the friendship between us is the main bridge of our relationship. Ranveer’s fans are obsessed with him for his enthusiasm and enthusiasm but Deepika says that apart from that I am attracted to Ranveer’s qualities. Even after our eight year relationship we are still trying to understand Ekmak.This is what draws me to it. Fed up with Ranveer’s art, Deepika says that when Ranveer is immersed in the role, you see a different person on the screen. There is hardly an artist in today’s generation with such diversity. Yet on a personal level Ranveer is child-like and loving.

There is another struggle behind Deepika’s brilliant personality. That is his fight against depression. Deepika talks about it without any hesitation so that anyone going through such a problem can get some guidance from it. Deepika advises people facing depression that this condition should not be considered as a weakness but as an illness and should not be avoided.There is nothing wrong with that. You should not hesitate to seek help when you are struggling and experiencing stress.

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