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Rakul Preet Singh praises the fitness

When she got the Covid-19 transition, she found it to be less intense due to her fitness.

The main purpose behind the variety of exercises that Bollywood actors usually do is to keep their figure beautiful. In order to keep the actresses slim, the actors do different types of exercises, gyming, dance, martial arts etc. to look tough.

But for some artists, fitness is a mantra. They exercise not only to show a certain type of figure in front of the camera, but also to always stay healthy. One such artist is Rakul Preet Singh.

In addition to eating organic vegetables, the actress regularly practices yoga, rides a bicycle to work, and plays golf. No matter how busy her schedule is, she never fails to exercise. Rakul says I don’t consider fitness a craze. It’s also not that I exercise as an actress to get beautiful builds.

In my opinion a healthy lifestyle is essential for every person. No matter what you do, it is important to stay healthy. She further says that for me exercise is as important as breathing and eating. A healthy lifestyle nourishes our thinking which ultimately yields creative results at every stage of life. she can stay fine only if she is fit.

Rakul Preet Singh`s Habit of Exercise

In fact, Rakul Preet Singh has been in the habit of doing different types of exercises since childhood. She says I come from a military family. And fitness is an important part of our lives. During school time I was a national level golfer. I started going to the gym when I started modeling. My parents also workout every day. They have always encouraged me and my brother to exercise. She is surprise that people associate exercise with a slimmer look or with a specific occupation.

She says workouts to stay healthy, not to build six pack abs after gaining a single body. In fact every young lady should be able to do normal pushups. Actress adds that in addition to lifting weights, I do a variety of high-intensity workouts, cycling, adventure sports and yoga.

The actress says that after the corona epidemic, there has been a rise in health awareness among the people. She says from her own experience that when she got infect with Covid-19, she found it to be less severe due to her fitness. She started doing yoga in five days and in 11 days her corona report came back negative. It took her a while to develop the ability to go to the gym. Even so, she recovered very quickly.

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