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Shah Rukh Khan was asked by user, colour of his underwear

On social media, Shah Rukh Khan keeps talking to his fans on Wednesdays. He answers their question via #AskSRK on Twitter to interact with fans. Even yesterday, when he was answering the questions of his fans, a user asked such a strange question.

The user asked him, “Sir, what is the color of your underwear?”
Superstar Shah Rukh Khan gave a very strong answer to this question of a Twitter user. He replied that I do this (#AskSRK) only for good and educated questions.

His point was quite clear that I have no answer to such a lousy question.
Now his response is going viral on social media.

Meanwhile a fan asked Sir if you were eating caramel at dinner today or were you treating me so bitterly and ignoring me. On which Shah Rukh said that Karela eats my enemy.
One user asked, “Sir, you once said that you have no friends and you don’t know how to maintain a friendship. Is there still a situation where Shah Rukh said no, now my children are my friends.”
Similarly, when a user asked which of Aamir Khan‘s films is your favorite, He replied that Rakh, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Dangal, 3 Idiots.
It is known that Shah Rukh Khan keeps answering the questions of his fans through social media. Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan also answered many questions of his fans on Twitter yesterday.

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