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Yami Gautam feels epidemic like an screenplay

The reason why actress Yami Gautam started her career as soon as the lockdown restrictions eased last year is because this beautiful and powerful actress is the busiest actress of all Bollywood actresses today. She currently has eight products in her hands and is very busy with them.

That’s why she completed two projects when the epidemic was in full swing and is currently busy shooting for her third project, but the lockdown rules in Mumbai have been strictly enforced till April 30, so her work has stalled for days.

The number of cases is increasing day by day as compared to what we started early. Then in November we were busy shooting for ‘Ghost Police’. There is a lot of curiosity about that. You never know how and when the project will go ahead and no one can predict all this.

When we were all shooting in Himachal Pradesh, the situation was relatively much under control. There is a sense of urgency in your work now, ‘admitted Yami Gautam.
In Agra, he shot the film ‘Dasavi’ with Abhishek Bachchan. ‘Just a day before I reached Mumbai, I became a victim of superstition. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved. Especially when you hear about your comrades who have tested positive – they have become victims of corona.

Alas, every day there was one news after another that would increase your anxiety,

‘Yami continued,’ but this was a commitment and we were all together as a team.
We could only take precautionary measures. In fact, whatever worries you were going through you had to leave behind and work on the set. The moment the director says ‘cut’, you have to put a mask on your face. It would come immediately.’

Yami Gautam view on current situation

However, the current situation is looking extremely bleak at a time when the second wave of Kovid-12 is having a strong impact in every field, Yami said, adding, “I never imagined that such a situation has arisen in the busiest phase of my career, which can be avoided.” But not.

I am quietly waiting for all the different projects to be completed at this juncture.
I never imagined that an epidemic would get in my way, even when we are all constantly fighting for one breath. It all sounds a lot emotional, but it’s good, I think because it’s all like a good screenplay, ‘he said.
Even so, the actress is working on the film in one way or another without pausing for a breath today. However, in the midst of such trials, the actress is convinced that the success of ‘work and film’ is on the rise and health is paramount.
‘If you are healthy you can bear all the burden, but the very low cost of health is underestimated, it is equally true.

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