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Dilip Kumar Bio, Goodbye The Family Man

Dilip Kumar Bio starts with his raising in a joint family in the historic city of Peshawar, Pakistan. He spent his childhood in his grandfather’s house in Peshawar with his grandparents, uncles and aunts. The actor’s father Sarwar Khan was a wholesaler of fruits. The Pathan family had shifted from Peshawar to Mumbai on the 19th due to the illness of Dilip’s brother Ayub Khan. But the holidays were spent in Peshawar.

Dilip Kumar had an emotional connection with his ancestral mansion in Peshawar. When he visited Pakistan, he spent a lot of time in this mansion and refreshed his childhood memories. Sarwar Khan’s shop was in Crawford Market, Mumbai. Yusuf (Dilip Kumar) ‘s mother Ayesha Begum had asthma. He died on August 18. Two years later, in March 190, Sarwar Khan also died. According to his last wish, he was buried near his wife’s grave in Devlali.

Familyman Dilip Kumar

All the responsibilities of a joint family were taken away

Elder sister Sakina took care of the household

Further in Dilip Kumar Bio, After the death of his father, Dilip took over the financial responsibility of the family. While his eldest sister Sakina took over the responsibility of the household. After settling down as an actor in Hindi films, Dilip bought a bungalow in Pali Hill, Bandra for Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand. In 190 his family moved into the bungalow. Sakina, the elder sister who took care of the entire Khan family, was called Apaji by the members of the house. She was very beautiful and remained a bachelor for the rest of her life due to a persistent skin disease before marriage.

Dilip and his siblings had the same respect for Apaji as Maa. Due to this, the well-being of the Khan family was maintained after the death of their parents. Apaji gave a good education to his younger siblings Ahsan, Aslam, Saida, Farida and Faujia. The whole family went for walks with Kashmir, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani and Ratnagiri.

Apaji spent his last days in Ajmer Sharif

Ajmer, Bihar Sharif, Ahmednagar, Agra and Delhi were the favorite pilgrimages of the family. In fact, Apaji was very religious and had a deep faith in Sufism. He spent the last days of his life serving Khwaja in Ajmer.

Dilip’s ailing brother Ayub died in 181 while his eldest brother Noah Mohammad died in 181. Nasir Khan, a younger brother who had some success in Hindi films, was married twice. His first wife, Mogul Azam’s creator K. Asif’s sister was Suraiya and his second wife was actress Begum Para.

Like Ayyaji, Nasir had a stubborn skin disease. Due to which his film career came to an end. Nasir, who went to Kullu-Manali to shoot one of his films, died of a heart attack in Amritsar on the 19th. Ayub Khan, who has acted in some Hindi films, is the son of Begum Para and Nasir Khan. He is the son of his fai faujia. He is married to the daughter of his fai faujia.

Sairaba’s Ahsan Khan was also beaten

Dilip did not send his two youngest brothers Ahsan and Aslam to post graduation in America. After taking a degree in industrial management in the United States, Ahsan Khan took over the running of his brothers’ company, Citizen Films, in Mumbai.

Ahsan’s face and his voice were so similar to Dilip Kumar’s that even Sairaba would get beaten up. Yusuf Khan jokingly called him the real Dilip Kumar. Ahsan Khan, who makes short films, lives alone in a bungalow on Pali Hill.

The two marriages caused a stir in the Khan family

The two marriages are believed to have caused a stir in the Khan family. ‘Mogul Azam’ fame that Asif was married to Dilip’s sister Akhtar, Dilip did not like it at all. After Asif’s death, Akhtar came back to live with Dilip. In 19, Dilip’s youngest sister Faujia married Dilip Surve. Her daughter is the wife of actor Ayub Khan. After Asif-Akhtar, Dilip-Asma’s secret marriage took away the peace of the Khan family.

Dilip is believed to have quietly married Asma to fulfill his desire for a child as his first wife Saira had no children. Dilip Kumar did not allow any harm in the upbringing of his siblings. There was no shortage of education and entertainment. But everyone got married according to their own wishes. Which also had good-bad results. Tragedy King was sad that Manoman was not his own child but in public he always said that all my brothers and sisters are like my children. Four of her eight siblings have died. While a younger brother and sister are in America and a younger brother lives in Pali Hill.

Dilip Kumar’s second marriage to Asma was also controversial

It is a well known fact that the age difference between the late Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano was 3 years. Yet age never became a barrier between their love. Saira Bano loved Dilip Kumar as much as he loved Saira Bano. However, the shocking thing is that this acting emperor of Hindi film industry quietly got married to Pakistani beauty Asma Rahman for the second time.

Dilip Kumar was married to Asma Rahman in 191. Dilip Saab continued to deny it even when it came to light about their secret marriage. But many years later he broke the silence on the matter. Not only that, he also considered his marriage to Asma as the biggest mistake of his life. As Dilip Kumar used to go there frequently to meet Assam, word of this spread in the neighborhood. And it didn’t take long for Zazo to get the news to the media from there. At that time, Asif Ayub Syed, the author of a magazine called ‘Current’, broke the story. Then it spread like wildfire

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