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Sherni Movie Review

Not a typical Bollywood film, but if you want to watch something different, ‘Sherni’ will make you happy. Will Vidya Balan, who went in search of a tigeress, succeed or not?

  • Actors – Vidya Balan, Vijay Raj, Sharat Saxena, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi
  • Director- Amit Masurkar
  • Series- Hindi Drama
  • Time- 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Rating- 4/5

The story

New DFOs (Divisional Forest Officers) have joined a forest area in Madhya Pradesh. There is a fear of a tiger among the people of this village. The lives of the people of the village are going. The challenge for the new DFO is to save both the tiger and the villagers. She also works hard in this battle of man and jungle and also shows lion-like courage as a woman in this world of men.


Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) will be seen in the role of a forest officer in the movie Sherni, who takes her work very seriously. She has not received a promotion for the past nine years. After working at the desk for six years, she finally got a field job in the forests of Bijaspur. There are many challenges facing her throughout the village and the forest. She is also facing many problems in her personal life. Mother-in-law and her mom want to give birth to a child. In a video chat, Vidya tells her husband Pawan (Mukul Chadha) that she is considering resigning as she does not see any growth in her work. Her husband tells her that she will not leave the job because there is no stability in her corporate job because of Corona. Her husband lives in Mumbai.

It can be seen that the life of Vidya is scattered in the movie Sherni both personally and professionally. She is the only female officer in a male-dominated forest department. His coworkers often try to prove him weak. While Vidya does her work with utmost commitment. He knows his duty and does not hesitate to complete the work at any cost. Meanwhile, the village is in danger of a tiger known as T12. Due to its proximity to forest farms, tigers come to farms and hunt.

Humans want to get rid of tigers. Villagers say it is common for tigers to come to their farms in this way. But in the cycle of development his meadow has been destroyed, forcing him to go to the forest to feed his animals. There are also some local leaders in the story of Sherni who only have to deal with elections. He considers the tiger an enemy and wants to kill it. While Vidya wants to save the tiger.

They just want to get rid of this problem

Among all these exercises is also Vidya’s boss Bansal (Brijendra Kala). They just want to get rid of this problem. He is trying to transfer himself. Shooter Rajan Rajhans (Sharat Saxena) is also called in to rescue or kill the tiger. But Vidya wants to save the tiger. He wants to send the tiger back to the forest again. Some of the villagers also support education. A senior officer Nangia (Neeraj Kabi) enters in the movi Sherni. Professor Hasan Noorani (Vijay Raj) also helps Vidya in the college. Other politicians also come. All of these people are looking for the tiger, but there are very few who want to save it.

Director Amit Masurkar has chosen a complex story depicting a beautiful forest. It depicts this battle between man and beast in great depth. Astha Tikku has written the screenplay in the area with a lot of caution. Not only the words and desires of the mind of Vidya are shown, the functions of the department are also shown as well as an attempt is made to explain how the village and the forest are connected to each other.

Cinematographer Rakesh Haridas has done a great job

Cinematographer Rakesh Haridas has done a great job of the camera. Anish John’s sound design also accompanies the camera. In the middle of the dense forest, the sun, the cockroaches, the different sounds of the creatures, the leaves, the animals will make you feel like you are in the forest. In the film, an associate of Vidya says that- you will go to the forest 100 times and maybe see a tiger once, but the tiger will have seen you 99 times. This dialogue states that man enters the forest. They have a home for animals. He is the real owner there. Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar’s background score makes the secrets of the story more impressive. There is only one song in the film, the lyrics of which are written by Hussain Haidari.

Speaking of acting, Vidya Balan once again impresses the audience with her acting. His thinking is powerful, he is calm but his determination, passion and patience will attract you. Even in the scene where Vidya does not speak, her eyes express anger. Vidya Balan has once again worked to remove prejudices against women through this film. Vijay Raj, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal, Sharat Saxena have also done their job well. Satyakam Anand is also jammed in his character.

Director Amit Masurkar manages to keep the audience hooked for two hours and ten minutes. However in some parts the speed of the film will seem to slow down a bit. But as the search for the tiger begins in the film, the film seems to have embarked on an exciting journey. There have also been several attempts at satire in the film. Balancing wildlife conservation and the ecosystem is interestingly discussed in this film. Sherry is an intense film. Is interesting. This movie is a must see.

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