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Babita is in love with ‘Tappu’ they have 9 years of age difference, even the couple’s family doesn’t mind the relationship!

Babitaji and Tappu are characters of the serial Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma, the actors Moonmoon Dutta and Raj Andakat are dating each other in real life. They often comment on each other’s social media posts.

Babita and Tappu Highlights:

  • The relationship between Moonmoon Dutta and Raj Andakat has gone a step further with friendship.
  • Raj is in love with actress Moonmoon Dutta and age difference is not important to him.
  • Raj and Moonmoon’s families are also aware of their relationship.

The serial ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma‘ is mostly about the entry and exit of actors in the show. But our associate Etimes TV has has found information that will shock you.

The relationship between actress Moonmoon Dutta (Babitaji), who returned to the show after a break of about two months, and actor Raj Andakat, who played the role of Tappu in the show, their relationship has gone beyond friendship.

You read that right. Raj and Moonmoon regularly like and comment on each other’s posts on social media. At that time, social media users often suspected that the two were in love. However, he silenced the trolls by saying that the relationship was not beyond friendship.

However, now it is learned that their relationship has gone beyond friendship.
Every member of the ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ team knows what is going on between Raj and Moonmoon.

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Babita aka Moonmoon and Raj’s family also know about their relationship

“Raj and Moonmoon’s family also know about their relationship,” a source familiar with the matter told our associate Itimes TV. Also Raj and Moonmoon are serious towards each other and the rest of the people on the set also maintain respect for their relationship.

“No one teases them by naming each other and they don’t even make secret moves to spend time with each other on the set. The love between the two is old and it’s a wonder why it hasn’t come out yet,” the sources added.
Raj is 24 years old while Moonmoon is 9 years older than him.

However, for them the age difference is secondary. Our associate Itimes TV contacted both Raj and Moonmoon to talk about the issue. But neither of them answered the phone or the message. Our colleague waited for seven days (contacted Raj and Moonmoon on September 1) for their reply but neither of them said anything.

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