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7 Facts no one tells you about marriage. Relationship News

Happy married life: Almost all of us dread getting married as soon as we graduate from college. There is a problem if you do not desire marriage. It’s also a problem if you wish to marry someone of your own choice. Society is riddled with different problems that marriage poses but to have a fantasy of what married life is can be more heartbreaking than an unhappy marriage.

So girls and boys we are here sharing seven facts about marriage that no one tells you before you walk down the aisle.

1. Your partner is also a person

Yes, you deserve all the love and respect from your partner and there is no harm in expressing your needs to your partner. But understand one thing just like you, your partner too needs a helping hand and emotional support or sometimes just someone to hear them rant. Respect and love flow both ways, remember that.


2. You are also marrying your partner’s family

Whether you like it or not, Indian marriages especially involve the whole family with different rituals and ‘rasms’. There are times that parents or families over-do a few things but the Indian culture has a beautiful tradition of having both the groom’s and bride’s family mingle and shower their blessings on the newly wedded pair,

3. Attractive people will not vanish

Yes, you will find other people attractive at times too and yes it is not cheating. Cheating is when you flirt and enjoy their attention without sharing the same with your partner. To understand this basic thing, you are not a bad partner to find another person attractive.

4. You may not share the same level of intimacy with your partner.

After a certain stage, you may or may not share the same amount of physical or emotional intimacy with your partner. Now, this could be less or more but it does not remain the same. And when this happens please hold your mind horses and sit and talk to your partner to work out ways to develop a different level of comfort and intimacy that can spice up your relationship.

5. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows

Every relationship goes through more than one rough patch and yes it happens to most couples. There are tough days in every relationship and so to assume you are alone and sad in an unhappy marriage then think again and know that just like the good days, bad days too shall pass.

6. Effort is key

You need to put in the effort to make the relationship work. Even if a machine does not work if not oiled regularly then you should not expect humans and relations to work without putting in any effort.

7. You cannot be responsible for someone’s happiness

Yes, you can be deeply in love with your partner but it is not your responsibility to handle or be responsible for your partner’s happiness. You can be there to offer your support even if you don’t like their choices. You can be a partner and not a parent, offer your support.

These are some of the unsaid things in marriage that no one talks about and then may cause problems because these facts are often discussed or visible only behind closed doors.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on general information and does not substitute for an expert’s opinion. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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