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7 Signs You Are In A Situationship- Tips To Handle Unclear Commitment | Relationships News

In the ever-evolving world of modern dating, we often find ourselves in situationships—those relationship gray areas that lack clear labels and can leave us feeling a bit adrift emotionally. With the ever-evoloving dating dynamics we seem to need an entire fleet of “ships” to truly capture the nuances of our life connections. 

Yet, every now and then, life takes its own course. You find yourself romantically or intimately involved with someone, and there are no labels or formalities to neatly categorize it and guess what there’s a term for this evolving dynamic now – it’s known as a “situationship.”

What are Situationships?

Situationship is a word not easily found in the dictionary but used popularly in the dating landscape.

“Situationship is a type of non-committal relationship, which is usually undefined and doesn’t have a label attached to it. People in situationships often find themselves going on dates with someone without having discussed relationship statuses or exclusivity. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if both people aren’t on the same page, the relationship can become confusing,” says Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director at Bumble.


Signs You’re in a Situationship

Have you ever felt like you’re dancing around the edges of commitment without actually stepping into the relationship territory? That’s a classic sign of a situationship. 

1. There’s no natural evolution or growth in the relationship

2. There’s someone else (or multiple others) involved.

3. You only make short-term or last-minute plans.

4. There’s no consistency.

5. They often make excuses to not hang out.

6. You mostly small (and dirty) talk.

7. They tell you that they don’t want to get serious.

Dr Neerja PhD Psychologist and Co-founder of Emoneeds explains, “Situationship is a space where dating happens without the talks about exclusivity or relationship statuses, leading to a potential mismatch in emotional development and communication lapses.”

3 Tips to Handle Unclear Commitment

Importance of Heart-to-Heart Talks

Feeling a bit uncertain or insecure about where you stand with your romantic interest? It’s time for an open conversation. Pick a relaxed setting to chat about your feelings and expectations. The goal isn’t necessarily to find a label right away but to ensure both of you are clear on the boundaries that define your connection. 

Setting Boundaries with Compassion

Navigating a situationship means setting clear boundaries, but it’s not about building walls; it’s about creating a safe space for emotional understanding. Express these openly, ensuring your partner not only comprehends but respects your emotional boundaries within the relationship.

Moving Forward with Heartfelt Intentions

Handling unclear commitment involves more than just words; it’s about being sincere and compassionate. Initiate heartfelt conversations about your expectations and desires, allowing both of you to gain a deeper understanding of your roles within the relationship. While it may be a challenging journey, consider the potential for a more committed relationship. 

Having experienced a heartbreak from a recently ended realtionship , Ashutosh Bhadauria a content writer from Noida has shares his ordeal while sharing his experience, “From my personal experience, the lack of clear boundaries or defined roles within situationships can breed uncertainty and confusion. Over time, this ambiguity can erode trust and breed a sense of disrespect, leaving individuals hesitant to fully invest emotionally. It is the absence of clear commitment that impacts not only the present dynamic but also future relationships, as it sets a precedent that may lead to difficulties in establishing and maintaining trust and intimacy.”

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