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72 hoorain movie review, movie review – ’72 hoorain’ – 72 hoorain movie review in english

Movie – ’72 Hooren’
Director – Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan
Actors – Aamir Bashir, Pawan Malhotra
Duration – 1 hour 20 minutes
Critic Rating – 3.5/5

According to the story of this film (72 Hoorain), two Pakistani terrorists Bilal (Aamir Bashir) and Hakeem (Pawan Malhotra) kill many people in a blast near the Gateway of India in Mumbai. In this explosion, both terrorists Hakim and Bilal also lost their lives. Now the souls of Hakeem and Bilal are waiting to ascend to heaven to meet the 72 Hoors. As he was told by Maulana Sadiq (Rashid Naaz) that if he kills the infidels, he will get 72 hoorays in Jannah. Along with this, the strength of 40 men will also be filled in it. But Hakeem and Bilal’s soul gets nothing like that. Rather they wait for Jannat and Huron during the day, month and year and curse Maulana Sadiq from their hearts. What happens to Bilal and Hakeem in the end? You have to go to the theater and watch the movie yourself to know this.


The director of the film Sanjay has presented a very sensitive subject on the big screen in a very serious way. The film starts off on a light note. But slowly this film keeps you hooked. The story of the film explores the mindset of the youth who do not hesitate to take lives in search of ’72 Hooron’. Shot in black and white in particular, the film makes excellent use of selected colors. The film’s strongest point is its strong editing, which conveys a strong message in just 80 minutes.

The lead actor of the film, Pawan Malhotra, has breathed life into his role. He looks great in the role of terrorist Hakim. On the other hand, Aamir Bashir has also done a good job in the role of Bilal. However, it is not very strong against wind. At the same time, Rashid Naaz is also in the role of Maulana Sadiq. Made in a very sensitive yet unique style, this film is a must watch for broadening your understanding rather than entertainment.

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