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83 Movie Review

Would cricket fans like the film about the incredible victory experienced by Team India 38 years ago? Is Ranveer Singh in the role of Kapil Dev or not? Read, Review.

83 Highlights:

  • In 1983, Team India made history by winning the World Cup.
  • The experience of 38 years ago was brought to the screen by director Kabir Khan.
  • Real life couple Ranveer-Deepika also became husband and wife in the film.

Actors – Ranveer Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, Deepika Padukone, Saqib Salim
Director- Kabir Khan
Category- Hindi, Sports, Drama
Time – 2 hours 44 minutes
Critical Rating – 4/5

‘He stayed up all night. It was a joy for the whole country that cannot be described in words. ” After the climax scene of the film 83, when the captain of the team Kapil Dev comes on the screen of the cinema. He recounts the happy experience he got 38 years ago today,

He realizes how challenging it will be for the film’s director Kabir Khan to make this film.

Kapil Dev was to tell the story of a victory on the big screen that everyone knows about, but only a handful of people would have experienced.
Cricket is considered a religion in India.

Fans of cricketers are no less than movie stars. The film was meant to send a message to this new generation of Indians,

Sachin Tendulkar, known as the God of Cricket, was still a child when Team India was considered the third-tier team in the world of cricket. The current generation superstar Virat Kohli was not even born.

This film will give you an experience of what India achieved in that series by defeating West Indies, the most dangerous team in the world of cricket, in the World Cup.

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83 Movie tells we may have heard of what happened on the cricket field

We may have heard of what happened on the cricket field during that time, but Kabir Khan has beautifully portrayed in this film how the coming generations became fans of the game because of that victory.

During the film, you will often forget that you are watching that unforgettable experience in the cinema after 38 years of victory. The experience was given by a team that was not even allowed to enter Lord’s.

Tickets for the team’s return to India were booked just before the semifinals. Even if this film is called Ranveer Singh’s film, it will not be an exaggeration. It is worth mentioning that Ranveer Singh has played the role of Kapil Dev in the film.

The name of this film will definitely be mentioned when the brilliant character and acting of Ranveer Singh will be discussed.
As for Deepika Padukone, she has done a great job in a small but brilliant and important role. All the other actors including Pankaj Tripathi and Saqib Salim have done very well in the role of team manager.

Beautifully tells the story of India’s incredible victory,

Kabir Khan was so confident in his film that he waited a year and a half for it to be released in cinemas and showed the film to critics just five days before its release.

Even if you are not a fan of cricket, it is not like missing a chance to see a beautiful dream come true story on the big screen.

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