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A classmate who called Fame Kubbra Sait ‘Cobra’ at school, even joked about because of his eye color – Ubbra Sait opens up about how she was mocked for her name and color of eyes

Kubra Sait, perhaps the first actress to play the role of the on-screen transgender person ‘Kuku’ in the web series Sacred Games, was highly praised. Her decision to play the role was considered by many to be courageous, but the actress-writer has been a fighter since childhood. He’s not the kind of person to fit into a Bollywood mold, but that doesn’t stop him. He continues to explore interesting roles in all mediums. In an exclusive interview with our correspondent Times of India, Kubra Sait, who was seen in films like Javani Janeman and Dolly Kitty and Wo Shining Star, talked about the harassment he suffered at school and the trauma he suffered.

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“The world sees you from a different perspective,” she said. They believe that everything is fine. You only feel good when you acknowledge that you are not well at some point. My relationship with my mother is complicated. But at that time I did not realize that he was confused. You have no idea how simple a simple act of gratitude can be at times impressive. As a child, it takes a long time to get out of a situation that puts you in a situation or is surrounded by forces that push you into a shameful or dark corner. When you were eight or nine, you didn’t know how to deal with it, but I had a support system that made sure I never felt lonely. This is something you often need. You don’t want to feel lonely. When I look back today, I am grateful. “

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Explaining the cause of the trauma, he said, “When you were younger, you didn’t realize you were being harassed. My name is Cobra, but I was called Cobra. My hair is curly and that is why I was called Medusa. I never let anyone shave my body, but people annoyed me because of the eye color. Today, I probably wouldn’t go on a second date with that guy if he hadn’t admired my eye during the first date (laughs!) ‘

‘I no longer accepted my name. If I had gone I would have changed a long time ago. The power of my name was realized only when I saw that my name means ‘great’. All these realizations happened to me from time to time. You get out of it when you grow up. I did not want to suppress it, “he added.

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