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A Game of Two Halves: Identity Crisis Takes Center Stage In International Sports Drama | Movies News

New Delhi: International Sports Drama film “A Game of Two Halves” explores Identity crisis, racial dissonance, acceptance, and Coming-of-Age starring Saaj Raja (Marvel’s Eternals), Harish Khanna (12th Fail), Lucy Jackson (The Innocents), Swaroopa Ghosh (Piku) and Nikkita Chadha (Barbie). Directed by British Asian filmmaker Khayam Khan (Bus Ride). The Indo British film will be releasing in cinemas in India, UK and North America on February 23, 2024.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of both Britain and India, it chronicles the transformative journey of Sanjay, played by Saaj Raja. A young British student who discovers his true self not amidst the academic pressures of a prestigious university, but on the dusty fields of Hyderabad in India, while teaching football to underprivileged children.


On talking about the film Director Khayam Khan, stated, “Having grown up in an emerging Multi-cultural Britain, where I was one of only a handful of “Brown” skinned kids at school, I identify with Sanjay and sympathise with his struggle to find acceptance. Sanjay tries to be accepted by the “cool kids” by following the beautiful Shreya, but learns his true nature through the life lessons the kids teach him. In the film, I want to show the juxtaposition of what we believe our identity is and what it truly is when we find ourselves and are comfortable in the skin we have been blessed with.”

The film also features an ensemble cast of Mary Poppins Returns fame Sudha Bhuchar, Holb’s Chizzy Akudolu and Indian actors such as Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Pawan Chopra and Sachin Chaudhary among others. Written by Shirley Day and Produced by award winning producers Nicola Gregory and Sheila Nortley under the banner of K Squared Films, 2HotFilms & Emineo Films and internationally distributed by Shiladitya Bora of Platoon One Films. 

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