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A twist in the love story of Rakhi Sawant who has just fallen in love! BF Adil’s girlfriend calls and warns him! – Rakhi sawants boyfriend adil khan durrani girlfriend roshina called her and told about their relationship

The word drama has become synonymous with the life of Rakhi Sawant. Nothing in Rakhi’s life is complete without drama and especially her love life has always been surrounded by controversy. A few days back, it was revealed that Rakhi Sawant is in a relationship with a Mysore businessman named Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi and Adil’s love discussions had just started and there is a big twist. Adil’s girlfriend has come forward and she is also from Mysore. On Saturday, Rakhi Sawant got a call from a young woman named Roshina Delavari and after hearing what she said, Rakhi’s feet slipped from under her feet. However, Rakhi remained calm and he listened to everything the girl said.
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Roshina said that Adil Khan Durrani whom she is calling her new boyfriend has been in love with her (Roshina) for the last four years. Roshina also gave details of the time she spent with Adil. Apparently he came to keep the phone and indirectly ask to stay away from Adil.

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According to the information received by our associate Itimes TV, Rakhi has also talked to Adil about this. Meanwhile, some pictures of Roshina and Adil are going viral on social media. Our associate Itimes TV obtained these photos from Roshina’s Instagram account.

Rakhi’s fans are sad to know about Adil’s girlfriend. Their social media page is proof of this:

roshina chat ss

Our associate Itimes TV contacted Roshina a few hours ago. Does he love Adil? Is Adil still in love with her? Did he call on Saturday? In response to all these questions, Roshina said in one sentence, “I don’t want to talk about this.” Roshina’s last question was, is she saying no to all these questions? Even then, he said that he did not want to say anything.
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When asked about Roshin’s phone, he said, “I don’t care about Roshina’s phone. He called but Adil is just me. Roshina is his ex-girlfriend. Adil and I are getting married.”

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