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A woman started crying and touched feet of arun govil aka ram from ramayan when she saw ‘Shri Ram’ Arun Govil from ‘Ramayan’, she shed tears as if she had truly met God.

Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’, which started in 1971, also had a different magic for people. Its popularity was so great that it overtook other serials. As soon as time passed, all the people would line up in front of the TV and because of this the roads would be silent. Those who didn’t have TV at home used to go to neighbor’s house and watch serials but never miss an episode at any cost. The popularity of the serial also immortalized its characters. In it, Arun Govil played the role of ‘Shriram’, Dipika Chikhlia played the role of ‘Sita’ and Sunil Lahri played the role of ‘Lakshman’. In those days there was no internet, so people kept their pictures in their homes and worshiped them, thinking that they were indeed Gods. Even today people have not forgotten his characters, an example of which was seen recently. Arun Govil arrived as Chief Guest at Ramlila in Sambhajinagar. As soon as he stepped out of the airport, his fans gave him a grand welcome. Meanwhile, a couple fell at his feet.

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A woman fell at the feet of Arun Govil

Dr. An IAS named Sumitra Mishra has shared a video on her Twitter handle. In which it can be seen that a woman has bowed down to Arun Govil, after which her husband also bows to her. The woman becomes emotional as if Lord Shri Ram is standing in front of her. The actor then dresses him in a saffron sash. He makes them happy by clicking pictures with them.

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Such a case has often happened with Arun Govil
After Ramayana serial, people used to see Arun Govil as Ram. There was a time when his image was worshiped at home. Arun Govil also narrated many such incidents when he attended an event with Deepika and Sunil. He also said that his moral responsibility increased after this serial.

Some people suddenly fell on their feet in Mauritius
It was many years ago when Arun Govil reached Mauritius with his family for a vacation. When they were crossing the road to the hotel, seeing them, three vehicles braked at speed. Some of them got down and fell at his feet.

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