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Aashish Mehrotra recalls crying after doing affair scene in Anupamaa tells how Rupali Ganguly helped him

‘Anupamaa’ is one of the most popular TV serials. Since its inception, the show has been very churched and liked by the audience, which is why it remains number one in TRP. Every new track shown in the serial creates a buzz and currently the show is showing Toshu’s extramarital affair. Toshu has betrayed his wife Kinjal. Usually the affair tracks on TV are not shown in the depth that ‘Anupama’ is showing. After the launch of this track, people on social media are praising actress Nidhi Shah who plays the role of Kinjal and actress Rupali Ganguly who plays the role of Anupama. So Paritosh aka Toshu is being criticized. Actor Ashish Mehrotra, playing the role of Paritosh, has recently talked about how hard he worked for this track and this scene.

Ashish talked about the track of the affair

In a recent interview with Zoom, Ashish said, “I came to know about this the morning the track was to start. The scene when the phone cuts and Toshu leaves Kinjal was to be shot. For me, that was the situation. I didn’t sign the show for this scene. People from all over the country watch this show and you don’t know how they will react to it and what will be the result. I thought that I am not doing this just for TRP because I am playing such a role. Didn’t want to do something that just comes and goes.”


Could not sleep

He continued, “I was so scared. I couldn’t even sleep. Those four nights were exhausting. The actors I spoke to were asking me what I was doing. But I had faith in the producers and the creative team. I spoke to him openly and he answered me satisfactorily.”

Not working just to earn a name: Ashish

“It’s my duty as an actor to bring up every issue that needs to be brought up. We are not here just to make a good image and if we keep doing that then we will be selfish and I think everyone needs to be selfless. I I am doing this to show my art I think we have different ideas, not just to earn name and money”, added Ashish.

This is how to shoot a promo

Talking about how he got ready to shoot the promo, Ashish said, “I got ready to shoot the promo as the makers wanted because they had answers to all my questions. I angrily asked them for the script so that I could understand How the track is going to progress and what to do. It was difficult for me as I had never done this before.”

Ashish cried on the set

Before the shooting of this track, Ashish cried on the set. Then Rupali Ganguly gave him courage. Talking about this, Ashish said, “Rupali madam told me that you can do it. Whether the scene is difficult or difficult to perform or not is a matter of two because it requires honesty and faith in you. At that time, I had neither of these. Didn’t.”

Talks about performing against Rupali Ganguly

Talking about performing opposite Rupali Ganguly, Ashish said, “Performing opposite Rupali madam is a challenge. When she holds your hand with tears in her eyes, you can see the value in her eyes. We have been shooting for two years now and it is for me. Like Ma. I wanted to perform it all well. I couldn’t sleep for two nights. Instead of memorizing the dialogues, I tried to channel all the emotions and try to understand the reason behind it.” According to Ashish, when he performed the scene, all his co-actors praised him.

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