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actor paresh rawal called by kolkata police, Paresh Rawal’s ‘cook fish for Bengalis’ statement cost him dearly, Kolkata police issued summons for the comment – actor paresh rawal called by kolkata police on monday for questioning over his cook fish for bengalis

Actor and politician Paresh Rawal’s trouble has increased due to his remarks at a BJP rally during the 2022 Gujarat Assembly elections. The Kolkata police have asked him to appear on Monday for questioning. For this, former MP and CPI(M) leader Mohammad Salim filed a police complaint against Paresh Rawal. In the complaint submitted at Kolkata’s Taltala police station, Salim has said that it should be considered prima facie and a case should be registered against Paresh Rawal. He said that Paresh Rawal’s comments were creating adverse opinion against Bengalis. The ruling TMC in Bengal has also objected to Paresh Rawal’s statement.

Former MP Mohammad Saleem wrote a letter to the police

Former MP Mohammad Saleem, in his letter to the police, said that a large number of Bengalis live outside the state’s borders. I fear that many of them may be targeted because of Paresh Rawal’s wrong comments. In such a situation, a case should be registered against Paresh Rawal under various sections of the Indian Penal Code including enmity, willful insult, encouragement of public mischief etc. There, West Bengal government minister Shashi Panja said that this is an insensitive comment. It is unfortunate to comment on the Bengalis and their habit of eating fish. All India Trinamool Congress condemns Paresh Rawal’s statement. Paresh Rawal’s comments on Bengalis have created a storm in West Bengal. The ruling Trinamool Congress has also strongly objected to his controversial statement.

Paresh Rawal said during the rally that the people of Gujarat will bear the inflation, but not the ‘Bangladeshis and Rohingyas’ in their neighbourhood. Paresh Rawal used a stereotypical word similar to the current word ‘cooking fish’ for this. Bengalis were offended by this. When his statement was called hate speech and criticized, he clarified that his term Bengali meant illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingyas.

Paresh Rawal, in a speech delivered at a meeting in Valsad last Tuesday, said that the prices of gas cylinders are expensive, they will bring down their prices. But what will happen if Rohingyas and Bangladeshis start living near you like Delhi? What will you do with the gas cylinder? Fish fry for Bengalis. At that time, such a statement of his is being seen a lot in social media and he was accused of hating Bengalis.

Paresh Rawal has been booked under IPC sections 153 (incitement with intent to riot), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups), 153B (deprivation of rights of linguistic or ethnic groups), 504 (intentional insult with intent to incite) 505 . However, the veteran actor has tried to explain his comments with an apology. Paresh Rawal claimed that when he used the word ‘Bengali’. It then meant ‘Illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya’. Many have seen it as ‘hate speech’ on Bengalis. Famous actor Paresh Rawal is a member of BJP.

Reacting to Paresh Rawal mocking Bengalis for eating fish and associating them with Rohingya, TMC MP Kirti Azad asked if Paresh Rawal was hinting that the BSF and the Union Home Ministry were not working properly, as he said Bangladeshis and Rohingyas in India. entering.

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