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Actor Utsav Naik is excited to debut with the drama-comedy film ‘Aagantuk’. movies news

New Delhi: Utsav Naik is one such talent who, as a lead actor, will soon be seen in his upcoming drama, thriller, and comedy debut film ‘Aagantuk,’ starring Hiten Kumaar and Netri Trivedi. The film, directed by Naiteek Ravval, will be released in theaters on February 17, 2023.

Utsav, a native of Kachholi village in Gujarat’s Navsari district, is ecstatic about his big screen debut and believes that his debut film ‘Aagantuk’ is the fulfillment of his wishes and dreams.

The actor expressed his excitement about his debut in the english film industry, saying, “It was my wish and manifestation to have Naitik Ravval as the director of my debut film. “I am overjoyed that Naitik sir is directing Aagantuk and that I’m playing a major part in the film.

During the rehearsal, a newcomer to the world of film is likely to be nervous. Interestingly, Utsav Naik faced the cameras with ease, during the one-on-one rehearsal with Naitik Ravval. I recall doing one-on-one rehearsals with Naitik sir during the film’s pre-production. He was telling me in-depth information about the character I’m playing in the film. I was also rehearsing with senior actor Hiten Kumar. I was so at ease that I don’t recall faltering or giving incorrect takes during the shoot,” Naik said.

Aagantuk is a comedy, drama, and thriller film about a boy named Danish (played by Utsav Naik). The story of the film is very humorous and unique, and it will keep you glued to your seat till the end.

“My reel life character is different from what I am in real life,” says Utsav Naik of getting into the character of the film as a first-timer. Danish, my character in the film, has a tattoo on his neck, he keeps lighter and wears neck ornaments. Naitikbhai suggested I try contact lenses, which I did. It was simple for me to distinguish between Danish and Utsav Naik, which aided me greatly in character development.”

“My production team knew I was a first-timer,” Naik said of the film’s team members’ love and affection. My co-stars, including Netri Trivedi and Hiten Kumar sir, never made me feel it was my first film. As a first-time actor, I was never subjected to any kind of pressure. I was never nervous and was able to fully embody my character in the film. All thanks to the unending support of my team.”

“On the first day of the shoot, it was a difficult task in a confined space, and I was sitting in a car with Hiten Kumar sir. I was supposed to deliver a dialogue in front of senior actor Hiten Sir, who has worked in the film industry for years my age. I’m not sure what helped me or where I got my strength, but everything went smoothly and the shoot was over,” Naik said.

“Aaguntuk is releasing on February 17, 2023, and it is my debut film,” said Naik of his excitement for the film. I am very excited to see myself on the big screen, something I have wanted to do for many years and have worked very hard for. For the first time, the entire world will see me on the big screen. Aagantuk is an amazing story full of comedy, thrills, and drama, and I hope and pray that audiences will enjoy watching it in theatres.

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