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Aditya Narayan shared a family photo when her daughter was two months old

TV host, singer and actor Aditya Narayan and wife Shweta Agarwal are currently enjoying the best time of their lives. Two months ago, on February 24, Aditya and Shweta’s daughter Tvisha Narayan Jha was born. Today, April 24, when the couple’s daughter is two months old, she has shared a beautiful photo of the photoshoot she did. Sharing the photo, Aditya wrote, “Tvisha, the treasure of our happiness, came into this world two months ago.” In a recent interview, Aditya Narayan talked about how much his life has changed since the birth of his son.

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In an interview to Itimes TV, Aditya said, “Fatherhood is the most beautiful and wonderful feeling. I am lucky that my wife has given me two beautiful gifts. The first is that she married me and the second is that she gave me a daughter. Tvisha is very dear and It’s so much fun to be able to describe it every time I take it in hand. Now things have changed for me. I’m in a hurry to get home now … this is a little new. “

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Grandfather Udit Narayan and grandmother Deepa Narayan are not happy. Talking about his parents’ happiness, Aditya said, “When a child comes home, he brings a lot of happiness. When Tvisha is playing with his grandparents, he is happy to see the scene. Mom and Dad both sing songs for Tvisha. And the atmosphere at home is very good. This is very new to me so sometimes it feels like a dream. ” Dada Udit Narayan sings different songs every day for Tvisha and comes to meet him. Aditya added that Tvisha also likes to listen to Dada’s voice.

Even when Aditya Narayan goes on shooting, he remembers his daughter. “I don’t lie, but even when I’m at work, I remember both Tvisha and Shweta from time to time. I wonder if Tvisha would have eaten or not, what they would have done. The woman is in excruciating pain when she gives birth. That is why I am worried about Shweta too. I wonder if she will take care of herself or not. She wants to give full credit to Shweta for taking care of Tvisha. Time seems to be running out. Gone. I don’t want Tvisha to grow up so soon. I want to spend as much time with Tvisha as possible. Especially I don’t want to pay for her childhood days at all. She smiles at my voice when I make a video call to her. It’s time to dump her and move on. “

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Speaking of work front, Aditya Narayan is currently discussing a new song ‘Mangata Hai Kya’. Aditya Seal and Palak Tiwari are seen in this recently released music video.

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