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After ‘Wedding Impossible’ Moon Sang Min To Lead ‘Cinderella At 2 AM’ | Web Series News

New Delhi: There is no denying actor Moon Sang Min’s growing popularity. The 23-year-old actor has been notching the popularity charts not only for his good looks but his acting prowess as well. The actor has been signed up for a new rom-com Cinderella at 2 AM alongside Reborn Rich’s Shin Hyun Been.

The drama revolves around “Cinderella” Yoon Seo (Shin Hyun Been) a realistic and practical young woman, who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. When she learns that her much younger boyfriend is a third-generation chaebol, she boldly accepts money from her boyfriend’s mother who urges them to break up. Yoon Seo also goes a step ahead and ends the relationship with no regrets.

Moon Sang Min plays her naive boyfriend Seo Joo Won tries to make her change her mind.  Joo Won believes that age, social background and status should not come in the way of love and individuals. Does he manage to convince her or not, is what remains to be seen? 


Both the actors shared “Our acting chemistry worked so well that we could immerse into our roles even more. We hope that the chemistry between Yoon Seo and Joo Won awakens viewers’ heart-fluttering excitement. We will do our best to make this everyone’s rom-com of a lifetime. Please look forward to it.”

Moon Sang Min who is currently starring in the ongoing series “Wedding Impossible” has been winning hearts for his portrayal of the ambitious Ji Han, who does his best to thwart his older brother’s wedding. 

The actor came into the spotlight after his performance as the arrogant yet considerate Grand Prince Seongnam in “UnderThe Queen’s Umbrella”, in 2022.  The show, his first television debut, won him the Best New Actor award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

The actor has expressed his gratitude saying “Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ is like a dream to me. It’s allowed me to get this award, which I had only dreamed of, and also it let me work with other actors, senior actors that I can, again, only say that I had only dreamed of working”

One of the most promising new faces, Moon Sang Min’s uninhibited performances and screen presence have made a deep impression. The actor has confessed to a Korean daily that he had wanted to pursue physical education but turned to modeling after growing much taller than his peers. 
“I’ve always wanted to do many things, but I’m glad I chose to become an actor,” he said. “This Baeksang award has reassured me that I’ve made the right choice”, the actor had been quoted.

“Cinderella at 2 AM” will air sometime in the second half of 2024. In the meantime, you can watch Wedding Impossible on Viki. 

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