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Agastya Nanda: Amitabh Bachchan’s Grandson Makes Promising Start With The Archies | Movies News

NEW DELHI: Vedang Raina who played the flirty Reggie Mantle, is quite a hit amongst the ladies for his drop-dead good looks. But, it seems Agastya Nanda’s Archie Andrews has won hearts and emerged as the heartthrob amongst Gen Z.

No sooner did the film come out, Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson who bears a striking resemblance to his mamu Abhishek Bachchan hit Bullseye.

Though amongst the seven actors Suhana Khan had been courting headlines. However, once the film dropped on Netflix, Agastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor, Vedang Raina and Mihir Ahuja were applauded for their performances.

Winning Hearts As Archie

Archie Andrews, the red-haired, freckled Casanova, has his heart captured by not one but two of Riverdale beauties, the spoilt rich brat Veronica ( Suhana Khan) and friendly plain Jane Betty ( Khushi Kapoor). He often flirts with Cherry Blossom too, to vie for Betty and Veronica’s attention. Archie may best be described as a red flag, but his confusion and “ I cannot help but love them all”, continue to make him a favourite ladies’ man.


Agasyta Nanda who steps into Archie’s shoes on screen lives his character to the hilt. He woos the girls, even though it can be best described as two-timing, and serenades them with a song. But is also a man’s man, his bromance with best buddy Jughead( Mihir Ahuja) and the frenemy Reggie is equally endearing.

Agastya’s clear dialogue delivery is impressive, and his dance moves, recreating the rock n roll era of the 60’s are clearly in step. He articulates the confusion when it comes to love, the vulnerability and innocence of youth wanting to change the world as well as seeking his ambition.

Keeping It Private 

The 23-year-old unlike the rest of his cast members, keeps his life strictly private. No social media account, which is sacrilege given how young actors find themselves busy updating their Instagram stories and posts by the minute. Neither one to get spotted or “papped”, his film outings are way less in comparison to his cousin Aradhaya who is regularly seen at film do’s with parents Abhishek and Aishwarya. The elusiveness is a huge draw since it fuels the curiosity of the viewer as well as fans, given the over-exposure of stars across social media.

Not A Casanova In Real Life

Though rumours are rife of him dating his co-star Suhana Khan, it could well come with the territory. But when asked if he is anything like his screen character he said, “I wouldn’t call myself a casanova. Something that we do share in common is our love for music, because it helps you deal with a lot of emotions and that’s where we are kind of similar, and yes, I am not a casanova.”

Family Linegae

With a strong family lineage Bachchan’s on his maternal side and Kapoor’s on his paternal side, is Agastya Nanda a chip of the old block? Given his promising performance in “The Archies”, it is an encouraging start to say the least.

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