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Akshay Kumar does not like the division of the film industry on the basis of language, saying – ‘This is how the British separated us’ – Akshay Kumar wants the debate over languages ​​in the film industry to end cities britishers example

Akshay Kumar does not like the language classification of the film industry. Akshay Kumar feels bad when people refer to the film industry as North or South Industry. “The British separated our country from the policy of divide and rule and we did not learn any lessons from it,” says Superstar. Akshay Kumar is currently discussing his upcoming film Prithviraj. Starring Akshay Kumar, Manushi Chhillar, Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt, the film is set to release on June 3 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. In a conversation with the media during the promotion of the film, Akshay spoke about the controversy created by language in the film industry.

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Talking about the language controversy, Akshay Kumar told a popular newspaper, “I don’t believe in this division. I don’t like it at all when someone says that this is South Industry or North Industry. We are all of the same industry. I think so. We need to understand that this is how the British invaded our country and ruled over us. Despite being in slavery we did not learn this lesson, we still do not understand this. Understand that from the day we are all in the same industry I think the situation will get better.Pen-India Films I don’t understand the word.I just want all the films to make good money and that’s all that matters. “

It is to be mentioned that this year, films in many languages ​​other than Hindi have also won the hearts of viewers across the country and have done well at the box office. Films like ‘KGF: Chapter 2’, ‘RRR’, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ are acclaimed by audiences of all classes and languages. Over the last few days, some artists have been questioning the status of Hindi as the national language. The issue has caused a great deal of controversy and began with a statement by Kannada actor Sudip Kichha. He said that Hindi has lost its status of being the national language. After which Ajay Devgn angrily tweeted that Hindi is our national language.
After another controversy, Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj, Gurjar Mahasabha and now Karni Sena objected to the film.

In an earlier interview, Akshay Kumar said, “I do not believe in any religion. I believe that being Indian is our religion and this is what the films say. Being Indian does not mean being Parsi, Hindu or Muslim, we never go beyond religion. Didn’t see anything. “

Speaking of work front, Akshay Kumar will be seen in films like ‘Prithviraj’, ‘Ramsetu’, ‘Rakshabandhan’, ‘Selfie’ etc.

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