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Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor Reveal Daughter Raha’s Face; Fans Conflicted Over Resemblance | People News

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor decided to treat their fans on Christmas, revealing the adorable face of their daughter, Raha. Now, here’s the kicker – as soon as Raha’s face hit the scene, all hell broke loose on social media! Fans were at odds, trying to figure out if cute Raha would take after Alia or Ranbir more.

Since the day Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and the ever-charming Alia Bhatt became parents to little Raha, everyone was dying to catch a glimpse of the cutie. A whole year passed, and the couple kept Raha’s face under wraps. But on December 25, they finally showed the world baby Kapoor’s face.


This adorable video of Raha sitting quietly in her dad’s arms while Alia strikes a pose next to them. Paparazzi went into a frenzy trying to get the perfect shot of her. Pics of Raha with her parents went viral, and fans couldn’t get enough. Netizens are speculating, she’s a spitting image of her dad and the legendary Rishi Kapoor. 

After witnessing Raha’s cuteness overload, everyone’s saying Ranbir and Alia just won Christmas for their fans. Even though Alia and Ranbir were looking all stylish, all eyes were on little Raha who stole the show with her adorable innocence. 

Fans started squabbling about who Raha resembles more. Some say she’s got that Kareena Kapoor vibe, especially in the eyes. Others are convinced she’s a carbon copy of her granddad, Rishi Kapoor.

In the comment section on most viral videos of Raha’s face reveal. Fans are saying she’s a total Rishi Kapoor look-alike, while some think she’s channelling her inner Raj Kapoor.

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