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Amit Sharma, Top Rajasthan YouTuber, BITTEN BY SNAKE, is CRITICAL – Know SHOCKING DETAILS | People News

Amit Sharma Crazy XYZ Snake Bite News: Rajasthan’s top YouTuber Amit Sharma is fighting a battle between life and death. According to media reports, Amit Sharma has been bitten by a snake, and the poison had spread in his body. At present he is admitted to a hospital. Amit Sharma’s YouTube channel Crazy xyz has more than 25 million subscribers and is the highest grossing YouTube channel from Rajasthan. Amit Sharma is a resident of Bansur in Alwar. He has done engineering from IIT Roorkee. However, taking an unconventional path – Amit Sharma is running his YouTube channel Crazy xyz since 2017.


Amit Sharma (Crazy XYZ) mostly makes videos of science experiments with his friends. According to an estimate, Amit Sharma earns more than 9 crores every month from his YouTube channel Crazy xyz. Amit Sharma’s (Crazy XYZ) friends uploaded a video on the channel informing about him being bitten by a snake. Amit Sharma (Crazy XYZ) friends told that the YouTuber is currently admitted in the hospital and is fighting for his life. In the 3:48 minute video, Amit Sharma’s friends have requested people to pray. At the same time, millions of Amit Sharma’s fans are also praying for his speedy recovery.

Apart from uploading videos related to science and experiment on his channel, he has also done unboxing by reviewing the product. For this, Amit has created a separate YouTube channel The Indian Unboxer. From which he earns around Rs 2.5 crores every month. Although Amit Sharma never disclosed the official earnings of his channels.

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