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Annu Kapoor’s valuables were stolen in France, he said indignantly.

Bollywood actor Annu Kapoor has had a bitter experience abroad. He has gotten into trouble by going to France. According to information received from Annu Kapoor, a robbery has taken place near Paris, the capital of France. The actor himself has reported the whole incident on social media by recording a video. In the video, Annu Kapoor looked furious. He lashed out at those who carried out such activities and appealed to others to be vigilant.

Annu Kapoor said that while loading the luggage in the bus, some people came under the pretext of help and fled with their bags. The bag contained many important items like mobiles, iPads, credit cards, diaries. Annu Kapoor was very angry because of this experience. “When you travel in Europe, take care of your luggage,” he said in the video. The people here are pickpockets, thieves and cunning.

“My Prada bag has been stolen,” Annu Kapoor said in a video shared on social media. There were lots of Swiss, francs and euros. I had an iPad, I had a diary, I had a credit card. Those people have taken all this. Be careful whenever you come to France. Here the pockets are moving around. Annu Kapoor said he would lodge a complaint at the police station.

The good thing here is that Annu Kapoor’s passport was with him. “I was on a tour of Europe, but my bags and gadgets were stolen,” he said. By posting this video, he has also tagged French officials, ministers and the Indian Embassy. In another video, he said, “Even though France is proud of its culture, 50 percent of the people I met were arrogant.” Apart from this, he complained about the trains there, saying that our trains in India are ten times better than this.

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Annu Kapoor is a popular figure in the TV and film industry. He has worked in the field of radio, production, theater and direction as well as acting. In the year 2021, Annu Kapoor was seen in the film face of Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Hashmi.

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