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Anshula Kapoor Boyfriend Rohan Thakkar Are Anshula Kapoor and Rohan Thakkar dating each other? A post in social media caused a commotion! – who is anshula kapoor boyfriend rohan thakar

If someone associated with the Bollywood industry spots with someone or posts a photo together. So people don’t hold back from spreading rumors about their relationship. Now see Boney Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s darling is currently enjoying it in Goa. A few days ago, when she posted a picture with screenwriter Rohan Thakkar, people said that she was dating him.

Boney Kapoor’s daughter Anshula Kapoor is rumored to be dating screenwriter Rohan Thakkar
Actually Anshula Kapoor shared a photo with a boy on her Instagram account. He is not an ordinary person but a special person. Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor’s sister and Boney Kapoor’s daughter Anshula Kapoor is rumored to be dating screenwriter Rohan Thakkar. It is being said that he is her boyfriend. whom Anshula is dating. She has an affair with screenwriter Rohan Thakkar. Now if the report of ETimes is to be believed then this news is confirmed. Both are in love relationship. Both started dating this year. Anshula’s family knows about this. He also knows Rohan.

Both go on vacation from time to time.
Some time ago, Anshula shared a video with Rohan Thakkar on social media. Due to this video, there is a vigorous discussion that Anshula and Rohan are in love with each other. It is noteworthy that Arjun Kapoor is in love with actress Malaika Arora. According to sources, both are currently dating each other. Anshula and Rohan are believed to have started dating each other earlier this year. Anshula’s family is aware of her relationship with Rohan and they like Rohan a lot. Both go on vacation from time to time. Anshula went to Goa and London with Rohan. It is believed that Anshula and Rohan can also think about marriage.

Anshula Kapoor and Rohan Thakkar’s relationship
There are also reports that the two often go on vacations together. The news caught fire with a spark when the duo returned after a two-day trip to Goa. The entire Bollywood corridor started smelling it. According to media reports, both went on a trip to London together this year as well. But they did not let anyone know about this.

Anshula Kapoor said this on dating
When Anshula was questioned about this relationship, she did not say yes or no. As for Rohan Thakkar, he is currently not working in Bollywood. He has worked as a screenwriter in several other language projects. So Starkid kept quiet about it. refused to say anything. However in the meantime he neither agreed nor refused. She said, ‘I don’t want to talk about it and I’m neither denying it nor admitting it to the media. Thank you for respecting my silence.

I was not in a good place mentally.
Anshula said that being healthy for me today means more than what I look like in the mirror. One of the first steps I took to recovery was admitting that I wasn’t in a good place mentally. Before I start any work or do anything else I need to address what was eating inside me. This is the most uncomfortable part and also the hardest. Had many treatments for it. Amidst many tears, uncertainty, fear, hurdles, discomfort, self-doubt, self-knowledge finally came and thus began. The journey started two years ago and is still a work in progress. It took me a long time to realize that my self-worth was not tied to my body shape and that constantly criticizing it or talking about its flaws was not doing me any physical or mental good. I’m still learning to love my imperfections to the fullest, because life is too short. I am flawed and still worthy.’

Who is Rohan Thakkar?
As for Rohan, he is a young filmmaker. He has not worked primarily in Bollywood but has worked as a screenwriter for several cross-language indie projects. He studied film and TV development from the University of California. Apart from this, he has done MA in Playwriting and Screenwriting from New York Film Academy. Apart from this, he holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Flame University.

Who is Anshula?
Anshula is the sister of actor Arjun and daughter of Boney Kapoor and his first wife Mona Shourie. Janhvi-Khushi Kapoor are the daughters of Boney and second wife Sridevi. Anshula is away from Bollywood. He graduated from Columbia University in New York. Anshula worked in Exceed Entertainment Pvt Ltd Mumbai for one year in 2014 as Associate Listening & Merchandising. She has also been employed by Google. Anshula has also worked as an operations manager at Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan’s company HRX.

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