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Anupama’s sister-in-law’s film to be released soon, this is why Ashlesha Sawant is ready to play the role of ‘Barkha Bhabhi’ – ashlesha savant who plays the role of barkha in anupamaa

The popular TV serial ‘Anupama’ has recently added four new characters. The characters of Anuj Kapadia’s brother, brother, daughter and sister-in-law have been added to the serial. Anupama and Anuj are married. Anupama is happy to have a family even after marriage. Actress Ashlesha Sawant is playing the role of Anupama’s sister-in-law. Ashlesha Sawant has previously worked in Kumkum Bhagya. Apart from this, he has also done a music video and his debut film is also about to be released. Along with other projects, he is currently busy shooting for Anupama.

Here a question arises as to why he finally decided to work in a serial after working in a film? In response, Ashlesha Sawant said, “I have always believed that a person is lucky to have the opportunity to do the work of his choice.” Have I ever missed an opportunity or a good project just because I can manage it or not? When I was offered a role in Anupama, I said yes without much thought. This was a good roll and I wanted to be a part of this show. And I think this is a time when an actor should not limit himself to one project at a time. One can also work simultaneously for a TV, movie or web series.

Ashlesha Sawant’s debut film is set to release soon. She is very keen on the film but cannot take much part in the promotion due to lack of time. “We finished the film during the Corona epidemic,” says Ashlesha. Everyone has worked hard. The experience of working behind the camera was great and also the experience of the creative process. Making a film has been a great experience for me.

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Talking about her future as a filmmaker, the actress said, “I would like to say no and never say no.” But I’ve been an actress before and I’m really liking the camera I’m doing right now. The experience of working behind the camera is different, you get to learn a lot. As an actor you may not even notice those things. But right now I’m happy to be acting. Now when my first film is about to be released, I can’t say for sure whether I will choose more films or TV shows.

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