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Apurva Agnihori enjoying daddy duty as he put daughter Ishaani in coal to sleep

Actor-couple Apurva Agnihori and Shilpa Salkani have recently become parents of a daughter and they are beyond happy as they got this happiness after 18 years of marriage. Apoorva met the fans with daughter Isha on her birthday. Now he has shared another video, in which his daughter, who woke up in the middle of the night, was seen sleeping with love. ‘Sleep Tight’ is playing in the background. Along with this he wrote ‘there are moments in life when you enjoy watching the kids sleep (especially when you need sleep too) have a great day’. Actress Ritu Chaudhary Seth, a close friend of the couple, wrote, ‘I am coming to eat her on Friday’.

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Apoorva Agnihotri got busy doing daddy duty

Apoorva Agnihotri said that he became a father by sharing some cute pictures with his daughter and wife on Saturday. He wrote ‘This was the most special birthday of my life as God gave us the most special, incredible, wonderful and magical gift. Shilpa and I are extremely happy to introduce our daughter Ishani Kanu Agnihotri. Request to shower your love and blessings on him. bow to Lord Shiva’. Apoorva and Shilpa’s friends were also happy for her and showered congratulations as the house rang out after many years of marriage.

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Shilpa Saklani always wanted to be a mother of a daughter
Apoorva Agnahotri and Shilpa Saklani have adopted Ishani. He informed this in an exclusive interview given to our associate Etimes TV. Shilpa had said ‘I always dreamed of getting married and becoming a mother of a daughter. We waited 18 years to become parents. We wanted to become parents a long time ago but it was too late. However, today we are happy. Our parenting duties have begun. Enjoying this phase of getting up at night and lulling a crying daughter back to sleep. We have named her Ishani because it is another name of Maa Durga and Maa Parvati. We are feeling God’s grace upon us’.

Apoorva and Shilpa got married in 2014
Apoorva and Shilpa, who got married in 2014, had always wanted a child and the birth of a daughter has come full circle in their life. Talking about their love story, Shilpa saw Apoorva for the first time in a coffee shop. He had a crush on her after the release of her film ‘Pardes’. Actress Rakshanda Khan, who was last seen in ‘Naagin’, brought the two together.

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