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Ashish Kulkarni seals Pawandeep Rajan-Arunita Kanjilal’s relationship? Said- ‘my blessings are with them’ – if arunita and pawandeep are together my blessings are with them says indian idol12 fame ashish kulkarni

‘Indian Idol 12’ fame Ashish Kulkarni has revealed the relationship between the show’s most talked about duo Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal. A few days ago, a video of Pawandeep and Arunita walking hand in hand in the streets of London went viral on social media. At that time, Ashish Kulkarni, who had a close friendship with Pavandeep and Arunita, told about their relationship as well as his personal and professional life in a conversation with our associate Itimes TV.

Read the excerpt from the conversation with Ashish Kulkarni here:

Many co-contestants of ‘Indian Idol 12’ share videos on social media. But if you don’t post specially, don’t you like social media or do you prefer to be less active?

“To be honest, I’m working on some tunes. So I don’t have time to be active on social media. But yes, I want to pay attention to that side as well,” said Ashish.

Are you preparing for an entry in Bollywood?

“Yeah, I’m sending my tunes to well-known musicians so I can get the right feedback.

We asked Shanmukhpriya, Sayali Kamble, Mohammad Danish, Nihal Taro etc. about Elimination. In which Sau expressed his grief over the elimination of Tara. What would you say about this?

“This is their love. Speaking of elimination, yes, I felt bad, but I accepted it and moved on. It doesn’t matter who is the better singer, but who can do better in three or four minutes, someone shines.” Maybe the judges and the audience will think I’m not good at that moment. “

Ashish said that his favorite singer is Arijit Singh and he considers Hariharan as his mentor.

When interviewing Mohammad Danish, he said that you were all annoying Pavandeep and Arunita about their link-up ….

“Yes we used to tease. Himesh Reshammiya started this and we continued this behind the scenes. We don’t know what is between the two but we had a lot of fun teasing him.”

Didn’t Pavandeep and Arunita mind that they were angry?

“We made sure we stopped teasing them before they got upset.”

Pawandeep-Arunita seen walking hand in hand on London streets, video goes viral

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media in which Pawandeep and Arunita were walking hand in hand in the streets of London. He must have seen the video, what did he feel after watching it?

“Yeah have seen. Good video and both seemed happy. My blessings and love are with them if they are happy with each other.”

What’s going on in your life

“I love cooking. I love painting. I love traveling. I recently went on a trip to the Himalayas and am planning another trip this year.”

Who did you go with

(Smiling) “Alone.”

I read on Google that you are married ….

(Laughs with surprise) What! No. I’m not married. I am single I had a breakup shortly before ‘Indian Idol 12’ started.

Arunita came to Pawandeep’s sister’s wedding, why didn’t other friends of ‘Indian Idol 12’ come?

Oh! Even in this situation he did well in the show.

“It was written in my destiny. I had to focus, otherwise the moment would have slipped out of my hands.”

What is going on in terms of work after ‘Indian Idol 12’?

“Pawandeep and I have done a music video for Aditya Narayan. I have also worked as a music director in two Marathi films. I also do shows because I love performing life on stage.”


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