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Aspirants Becomes Highest-Rated TVF Show, New Season To Release On THIS Date | Web Series News

New Delhi: There are only a few pieces of content that leave an indelible mark on the minds of the audience. From their dialogues to the characters, everything about such content takes no time to rule the hearts and become a trend overnight and one such show is TVF’s Aspirants. As an audience, it’s hard to deny the fact that the story of Aspirants is relatable, engaging, and entertaining in all the senses. Released in 2021, the first season of Aspirants was well received by everyone, having seen that the makers made a wise decision to bring back the 2nd season on Prime Video to reach the mass audience. 


As mentioned above, Aspirants was first released in 2021 and not just like many other shows on TVF, this show came as a game changer. Bringing sheer relatable content is the strength of TVF and the spree has been continued with Aspirants. This time they tapped into the students section with the idea of ambition and must say, this is what every other person dwells in. This is the reason, the show went on to rule over the heads of the masses and pulled in a huge viewership for TVF. Ahead of this, with time Aspirants made its place ahead of all and became the highest-rated TVF show. 

TVF has time and again delivered path-breaking content due to which the audience always looks forward to their upcoming content. Their critically acclaimed shows like Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Kota Factory, and a lot more, have been critically acclaimed and loved by the wider audience. Hence it’s a tall order if something is the top-rated content among such a prolific library of content. 

With an interesting and relatable story, Aspirants also introduced some of the most famous characters. Remember Sandeep Bhaiya and SK Sir. These names in no time grabbed its presence in the memes corners and yes, that’s when they went on to become a rage and still are. That’s what the best benefit, Aspirants got, that it’s a story of youth and its presence in the young crowd. 

But, now, the game is quite different as Aspirants is about to arrive on Prime Video with the second season on 25th October and the madness among the fans is definitely at a fever pitch. So, now it would be interesting to see how the show will again set its rules and bring back the nostalgia with a new storyline.

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