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Ayushmann Khurrana Says His Look Changed In Dream Girl Sequel | movies news

Mumbai: Actor and singer Ayushmann Khurrana talked about his latest single ‘Raatan Kaaliyan’ and working with his childhood friend and music director Rochak Kohli. He told ANI, “I read the comments yesterday, they were very good. ‘Raatan Kaaliyan’ is very different from other songs. This is a song straight from the heart. I am proud of this song.” “I am getting a lot of responses. I read many comments but not all. And the song is quite different, it felt good to see the people’s response,” he added.

When asked about his association with music director Rochak Kohli, he replied, “We have both been friends since our school days. I didn’t have many friends in school, but I felt Rochak would be one when I saw his enthusiasm for music. We started a band because we both loved music. In high school and college, we used to perform. Consequently, we began collaborating after that.”


Do you consider choosing or writing songs that impact people repeatedly, Ayushmann told ANI, “We don’t write songs with the intention of making a hit; instead, we just write them from the heart, and since Rochak is my friend, we talk about the song in an honest way. I think this is the positive side of working with your childhood friend as one can discuss anything openly.”

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On talking about ‘Dream Girl 2’, he replied, “My look has changed a lot in the sequel of ‘Dream Girl’, everyone will enjoy seeing the new pair.”

Gurpreet Saini and Gautam Sharma wrote the lyrics for the song “Raatan Kaaliyan,” which features Rochak and Ayushmann’s soulful vocals. Ayushmann Khurrana exhibits his exceptional skill as a performer in the music video, which was shot by Dar Gai. Bhushan Kumar, Managing Director and Chairman of T-Series produced the track.

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