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‘Baby Doll’ fame singer Kanika Kapoor to get married for second time after 10 years of divorce, special similarities between ex and future husband

Singer Kanika Kapoor, who became famous with the song ‘Baby Doll’, is all set to turn yellow once again. Singer Kanika Kapoor, who has sung many hit Bollywood songs, is getting married for the second time. Kanika Kapoor is to marry NRI businessman Gautam in May 2022. Kanika was previously married to Raj Chandok and was also an NRI businessman. Apart from being an NRI businessman, there are similarities between Kanika’s ex-husband and her future husband. Both are London residents. Kanika and Raj were divorced in 2012.


According to the exclusive information received by our associate Itimes, Kanika has been discussing marriage with Gautam for the last six months. Kanika and Gautam have been dating for over a year. Kanika and Gautam’s wedding is to be held in London. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But it is safe to say that the two met during Kanika’s music tour in the UK.

When Eatimes contacted Kanika to confirm this, she refused and replied to the message with an emoji with hands clasped and a big smile. Trying to find out more, Kanika didn’t say anything about the wedding but said with certainty, ‘Keep checking my updates on Instagram. I have completed three successful tours in Houston, Jersey and Washington, USA. There are still 10 left. ‘ Our colleague once again tried to question the marriage but Singer said, “I’m sorry I won’t comment on that.”

Kanika is now set to perform in 10 well-known US cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando.


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