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Bawaal Movie Review, Bawaal Movie Review: Varun and Janhvi’s ‘Bawaal’ love story will connect with the World War II incident – varun dhawan and janhvi kapoor film bawaal review in english

Actor: Varun Dhawan, Jhanvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Anjuman Saxena, Mukesh Tiwari, Gunjan Joshi
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Series: Hindi, Romance, Drama
Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5

When the trailer of director Nitesh Tiwari’s new film ‘Bawal’, who made meaningful films like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chichhore’, came out, there was a question in the mind that Varun and Jhanvi’s love story might be linked to the Second World War, but after watching the film, it is speculated that Nitesh Many parts of World War II are used as metaphors in the film. It also shows the complexity of today’s relationship tension. This connection may seem gratuitous at first but as the story progresses it will become relevant to the situation and the characters and the audience will also connect with it.
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Story of the film

The story of the film is about Ajju Bhaiya aka Ajay Dixit (Varun Dhawan) living in Lucknow. Ajju is a history teacher at school but his praises are sung across the town. People of Lucknow say that Ajju Bhai stayed behind to become a scientist in NASA, an officer in the Army, a collector in the district and a cricketer because he wanted to make the future of children brighter by becoming a teacher. All the young and old people of the town believe him to be Superman but no one except family and friends knows that this image of Ajju is just a show. It has created a wrong image in front of people. He also became a history teacher by juggling.


Made a plan to go to Europe

As the story progresses, it is revealed that his marriage with educated topper Nisha (Jhanvi Kapoor) is going through a tough time. In fact, Nish had a problem with cramps since childhood. Despite knowing this, he marries Nisha to keep his image good. But on the day of the wedding, when Nisha gets pulled, Ajju is afraid that if she gets pulled in public, her public image will get bad. Because of this he starts to ignore the sign but the twist in the story comes when Ajju is suspended from school for a month for slapping the MLA’s son. In this dire situation, he plays a trick to save his deteriorating image. He makes a plan to go to Europe by taking money from his parents. He tells the schoolboy that by going to Europe, he will give the students live knowledge of World War II places and events free of charge.

There is a war going on inside too

It is forced to take the target along on the trip. Going to Europe, he realizes that a war is going on inside him too. Will Ajju be able to save his job after this trip? How will the deteriorating relationship with wife Nisha take shape? Will he be able to break the cover of his false image? You have to watch the movie to know all this.


Talking about the direction, the first half of the film is presented with fun and light comedy. However, the director has wasted more time in establishing the film and the character and hence the film feels a bit slow. After the interval the film comes to its purpose. It is here that Nitesh gives the film a different treatment. Weaving a love story against the backdrop of World War II was a tough task but Nitesh Tiwari along with a team of writers like Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Nikhil Mehrotra and Shrey Jain have brought it to screen beautifully. The dialogues of the film are also good. By the time it reaches the climax, the film gives a feelgood factor along with a good message. The film would have been more fun if the editing had been a little tighter. Cinematographer Mitesh Mirchandani has shown his skill in portraying Lucknow and Europe. Daniel B. George’s background music breathes life into the World War 2 scenes. The trio of Mithun, Tanishk Bagchi and Akashdeep Sengupta could not do much in terms of music.


Varun Badlapur, who played cute and playful characters in films like Hero No. 1, Jug Jug Jio, has shown his powerful performance in films like Sui Dhaga and Oktober. This time he is seen playing a complex role on screen. His role may be negative but he has played the character of selfish, jugadu and selfish Ajju with sincerity. Varun-Jhanvi’s on-screen chemistry looks good. Jhanvi looks good in the role of a simple small town girl. Manoj Pahwa has done justice to the character in the role of father. Anjuman Saxena also plays the role of Maa. Child actors have also done a good job in the film.

Why watch?

Love story lovers with a message can watch this movie.

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