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bharti singh, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa’s wedding, guests did bad things, family members also joined them – bharti singh recalls how people troll her after wedding with haarsh limbachiyaa

Malaika Arora is frequently trolled on social media…sometimes for revealing clothes, sometimes for her walking style and sometimes for dating Arjun Kapoor, 12 years younger. In the latest episode of her reality show ‘Moving in with Malaika’, the Bollywood diva spoke about trolls and was joined by comedian Bharti Singh, who also got emotional as she shared her bitter experience of being trolled. was During the episode, Bharti recalled the days, how the guests had said bad things about her on the very day she got married to Harsh Limbachia. He also had to listen to taunts from his family.


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Bharti became emotional remembering the words used by people
Bharti Singh had to hear comments like ‘Girls don’t eat this much’, ‘What will you do next’ and ‘Tara lagna nahi hai’. When the wedding pictures were shared, people called Bharti and Harsh an ‘elephant and ant pair’. Apart from this, some called them ‘mother-son’. So some say, Bharti is popular and has money, that’s why Harsh might have married her. Tears came to his eyes while saying this.

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Bharti Singh replied to trollers
Malaika Arora also said that she understood Bharti Singh as she had gone through such times and consoled her not to take such people seriously. On this Bharti said ‘Those who have trolled you or me, if we go in front of them, they won’t say a word. In this country girls are considered as Lakshmi. But who are the people who troll? Has he no mother or sister at home?’.

Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia’s love story
Let it be known that Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia became friends during the ‘Comedy Circus’ show. After about four-five years of friendship, they fell in love. After getting to know each other well, they decided to take the relationship further and got married in December 2017. In April this year, their son Lakshya, whom they fondly call ‘Gola’, was born at their home.

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