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Bhaukaal 2 Review: Mohit Raina’s crime series sequel

Will IPS officer Naveen (Mohit Raina) be able to carry out his unfinished mission? Read, is the crime-thriller web series like watching the second part of Bhoukal or not?

Bhaukaal 2 star cast – Mohit Raina, Bidita Bagh, Siddhant Kapoor, Rashmi Rajput, Pradeep Nagar Gajjar, Bikramajit Kanwarpal
Director – Jatin Satish Wagle
Category- Action, Crime
Rating- 3/5

Bhaukaal 2 The story

The second season begins where the first season of the season ended. IPS officer Naveen Sikhera (Mohit Raina) removes a gang leader named Shaukin from Hussainpur and now his target is a gang of Dedha brothers.

The story of this series is whether IPS officer Naveen will succeed in removing this stigma from the head of Muzaffarnagar known as Crime Capital.


The Bhoukal series, produced by Harman Baweja, Vicky Bahri, and Rahul Prakash, is based on true events. The series features the work of Navneet Sekera, an IPS officer known as the Super Cop, who eradicated this type of gang with many anti-social elements from Uttar Pradesh.

In the story of criminals and police who want to take control of the region, you will definitely find gang war, kidnapping, assault, murder, spanking, guns, weapons. All this will be seen more in Bhaukal 2 as compared to the first part.

At the end of season 1, we saw the gang leader Shaukin die. He then joins his girlfriend Nazneen (Bidita Bagh), MLA Aslam Rana (late Major Bikramjit Kanwarpal), and Dedha Brothers.

Dedha Brothers mean Pintu (Pradeep Nagar) and Chintu (Siddhant Kapoor). The crime series is co-written by Jay Sheila Bansal and Akash Mohime with director Jatin Wagle.

The trio has tried to show how mafia gangs work, how political leaders take advantage of them for their own benefit, what police operations are and how the hands of the police are bound by protocol.

If you liked the first season, you’ll love the second of Bhaukaal 2. However, you will find the Bhaukaal 2 season a bit slower. Fighting between the police and the mafia can get boring after a while.

Action scenes won’t be seen until the sixth episode. However, you will definitely sympathize with Captain Naveen. Officer Naveen cannot see people dying before his eyes.

The criminals are one step ahead of the police, which makes Naveen frustrated. However, at the end, when the gangsters and the police face this, the scene is spectacular.

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DOP Sumit’s cinematography is very good.

The story of Bhaukaal 2 seems real because of the small towns of Uttar Pradesh, the politics there, the story of the mafias, etc. The term is used extensively in dialogue.

Almost every sentence starts with a filter and ends with that. Mohit Raina has done a good job in the role of Super Cop Naveen Sikhera. But he did not succeed in making this role memorable.

Rashmi Rajput is seen in the role of Naveen’s wife Pooja, which enhances Naveen’s motivation. Naveen’s Encounter Specialist Team Bhati (Digambar Prasad), Balram (Firoz Khan), Vinod (Amit Singh), Maruti (Ravishankar Pandey), Pawan (Rohan Verma) help him to make the mission a success.

Pradeep Nagar and Siddhant Kapoor have done well in the role of the Dedha brothers. Their sole objective is to take control of Muzaffarnagar. His slogan is – Bhoukal Macha Do.

Bhaukaal 2 Official Trailor

For this he has set no limits, he wants to rule the city at any cost. Bidita Bagh has played the role of Nazzin well in the male-dominated mafia business. Syriza’s screen presence can be seen from the very first scene.

The role of MP Aslam Rana is played by the late actor Major Bikramjit. The role of Gulki Joshi is also important in the role of crime journalist Neha.
This season is as predictable as the first season. You can easily see what is going to happen next. The series is of 10 episodes.

It is worth mentioning that we have seen other such web series like Asura, Mirzapur. But it is a new thing that the true events are shown in Bhookal 2. If you are a fan of Mohit Raina and you like crime drama then this series is a must-watch.

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