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Bhavai Movie Review

The magic of Pratik Gandhi was spread in the web series Scam 1992, but has the Gujju actor been able to do amazing in this Romcom film as well? Read, how is the movie ‘Bhavai’?

Bhavai Highlights:

  • The film Bhavai is set against the backdrop of a small village in Gujarat.
  • Bhavai stars Pratik Gandhi and Andrita Ray in the lead roles.
  • Is it like watching this film of scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi or not?

Actors – Prateek Gandhi, Andrita Ray, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Bhatia, Rajendra Gupta
Director- Hardik Gajjar
Series- Hindi, Drama, Romcom
Time- 1 hour 53 minutes
Rating – 2.5 / 5

The story

Written and directed by Hardik Gajjar, Bhavai is set against the backdrop of Khakhar, a small village in Gujarat. For the first time in this village, a drama company comes to organize Ramlila.

The village’s straightforward young Raja Ram Joshi (Pratik Gandhi) comes there to seek work to make his dream of becoming an actor come true.

The owner of the company Bhanwar Singh (Abhimanyu Singh) is supposed to play the role of Ravana in Ramlila but the role is given to Pratik Gandhi as his stomach is upset.
The play progresses as the love between the king who plays Ravana on stage and the queen (Andrita Ray) who plays Sita Maiya falls in love. But, the people of Khakhar actually consider the characters playing the role of Ram, Sita on the stage as God.

For them, Ravana, who kidnapped Sita, is a sinner and deserves a curse. Why does he accept the love of Ravana and Sita? Such religious sentiments of the people are taken advantage of by the leader of the local party Vishwa Jagruti Sena, which is chanting the slogan of Jai Shri Ram. Even the owner of the drama company does not spare any effort to annoy these people.

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Bhavai Movie official trailor


Hardik’s film highlights a number of important issues, such as treating the characters on the screen as real, politics under the guise of religion, bigotry, and so on. These are all issues of the present time, which we all face.

But it seems that due to the controversy that arose at the beginning regarding the film, the makers have made all these things much less from the film. This is why all these tracks don’t impress and the film seems like a normal love story. The love story in the film also starts after the interval.
After the interval, three songs come one after the other in the film. The lyrics are definitely good, though they can’t impress. There is also a lack of conflict in the love story.

However, the locals of the village, the language, the backdrop of Ramlila, and the mild moments behind the stage, etc. can entertain the spectators. For example, in one scene, people arrive to take Ramji’s blessing, while Ram himself, standing without makeup, stops them at the gate. Scenes like Lakshman’s desire to be upgraded to Ram, etc. may be preferred.


Speaking of acting in the film, Pratik Gandhi has once again proved that he is a very good actor. Apart from this, Ankur Bhatia, Rajesh Sharma, Abhimanyu Singh, etc. have also played their roles very well.

Why watch

The film can be seen as a simple love story and a wonderful performance of Pratik Gandhi.

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