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Bigg boss 16, Bigg Boss 16: ‘I gave up my game to save myself’, who did Gautham Vij blame after becoming homeless? – bigg boss 16 post elimination gautam vig blames priynka

Bigg Boss 16This week in Gautham Vij (Gautam Vig) has become homeless. People liked Gautam Vij’s connection with Soundarya Sharma. People found their pair cute. But now that Gautham Vij has been eliminated, not only the fans, Gautham himself is stunned. Saundharyo cried a lot when Gautam Vij was eliminated. Gautam was also shocked. He couldn’t believe it. Now he has opened up about the reason for being eliminated as well as other things.

Priyanka played the game!

In a conversation with our associate ETimes, Gautham said that Priyanka played tricks to save herself and Ankit. Apart from this, he said that the pressure to prove his relationship with Soundarya Sharma got worse in his game. Gautham says, I am stunned. It took me a while to accept this. I still have bigg boss dreams. Priyanka played a game with me during the nomination task. So that he can save himself and Ankit. It is also correct, but if he had said this, the problem would have been reduced. I told Priyanka that she should pray that I don’t escape eviction and stay, otherwise I will make it difficult for her to stay in the house.

Shalin expressed his desire to go

Gautam said that on the day of eviction, everyone thought that Shalin would leave because she herself had decided to leave. Not only this, he had also packed the luggage. His ego and self-respect were at stake. After a fight with MC Stan, Shalin announced that he was voluntarily quitting the show. If Shalin changed his mind, everyone thought that Soundarya would be gone. Because she herself wanted to go. His health was also not good.

Advice given to Soundarya

Gautam says, “When Salman Khan took my name, I thought he was joking. Soundarya was crying. I advised him to stay strong whenever I got time. I told him that now you will get many shoulders, but don’t put your head on every shoulder. Soundarya easily gets into people’s talk. It is very emotional. However, he also has a knack for getting to know people. But it will fight today and be normal tomorrow. He thinks everyone is good, and this can get him into trouble.

Didn’t know Soundarya

On his and Soundarya’s relationship, he said, how can we plan a love angle, we didn’t even know each other. In the beginning we used to fight and then gradually started liking each other. But our relationship was so important that it became a hot topic. It gained so much importance that my game was affected. I just kept justifying my relationship with Soundarya. Everything else I did on the show was ignored.

Who did Gautam want to make homeless?

Gautam further said, I understood the game, but my focus was more on other things. There was a lot of pressure to prove my love for Soundarya. No one can act for 50 days in front of 150 cameras. But yes, this love angle affected my game. Everyone including Soundarya was pressuring me to prove my love. If Soundarya had a fight with someone and I spoke to that man, Soundarya would get frustrated. According to Gautham, someone from Tina Dutta, Sumbul Taukeer Khan, MC Stan and Ankit should be homeless instead, they don’t deserve to be on the show.

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