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Bigg Boss 16, Bigg Boss 16: Makers gave task without considering Abdu’s height, but Chhota Bhaijaan won hearts of people – bigg boss 16 abdu rozik wins heart of fans as he performed task without playing victim card

Abdu Rozic is the most loved contestant in the reality show Bigg Boss 19. Abdu Rozik is not nominated by the housemates too soon. And even if he gets nominated, the audience loves him so much that he gets the votes and wins. Abdu doesn’t speak much Hindi, but he tries to speak it. He tries to understand the game. If any member of the family is sad, Abdu reaches out to console him. He has a very good bonding with Shiv Thackeray, Sajid Khan, Stan, Nimrit and Sumbul. Fans have gone gaga over Abdu Rozic’s cuteness. After something happened in the last episode, people are praising Abdu once again. Abdu Rozic is also trending on Twitter.

In the December 14 episode, a task was given to Rashan after Archana and Priyanka’s heated fight and shouting matches. The design of the task was such that Abdu Rozic could not participate. All the items of the house were placed in the lorries and when the buzzer sounded, all the members had to lift the goods from the lorry. Sajid Khan and MC Steyn were left out of this task. But Abdu participated willingly.

Abdu also filled the bag like other members. But as soon as the buzzer sounded, all the members surrounded the lorry and it was almost impossible for Abdu to reach Tokra. Hardly anything came into his hands. But he continued to join the task. He kept putting whatever stuff he could get his hands on in the bag. He also used to eat the food and drink which fell on the ground. Sajid and Stan, who are not participating in the task, also discuss whether this task is really suitable for Abdu.

The task was obviously not suitable for Abdu Rozic, one user on Twitter quipped. But he continued without complaint with a smile on his face. He enjoyed this task. Proud of Abdu Rozic. Another user wrote that this young man is really strong and a winner in life. Even if he did not get ration items, he kept smiling. He didn’t even file a complaint and didn’t play the victim card. Apart from this, people also praised Shiv Thackeray. Because Shiva was putting many things in Abdu’s bag and helping him.

It is worth mentioning that Tina Dutta, Shaleen Bhanot, Shiv Thackeray and Sajid Khan have been nominated this week. But this week the makers closed the voting lines. So who will be homeless this week will not be based on viewer votes.

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