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Bigg Boss 16, Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan didn’t have money to do his father’s last act, Salman’s father helped – bigg boss 16 sajid khan gets emotional while talking about hard times

(of Bigg BossBigg Boss 16) It is impossible not to have drama and fights in the house. Each task pits contestants against each other. In the latest episode Archana Gautham (Archana Gautam) and Sajid Khan (Sajid Khan) had a lot of fights. They not only abused each other but also their families. During the fight, Archana Gautam took the name of Sajid Khan’s father. Hearing this, his anger went away. He also started shouting. The housemates were trying to pacify her, also convincing Archana to keep quiet. Archana was also talking continuously.

Sajid Khan says, 40 years ago my father died and you are bringing him in the fight. Shiva and Stan try to pacify Sajid. Bigg Boss calls Sajid Khan to the medical room and blood pressure is measured. Sajid Khan requests Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room, else he won’t eat anything. The housemates convince him, and Bigg Boss also tells Shiv and Nimrit in the confession room that Sajid Khan should not be stubborn like that.


Who are you to insult my daughter?’, Tina Datta’s mom also took a stand against Sumbul’s father.

Sajid Khan is sitting in a room with Shiv, Stan and Abdu. She cries talking about her father. Sajid says, Archana is using rich-poverty card. Think a 14 year old boy is taking a rickshaw to people’s house that my father has passed away, help me. One of the relatives told the staff that he was not present at home. I heard this and left. My father’s liver had ruptured due to alcohol, bleeding from the mouth. At that time only one person supported and that is Salman Khan’s father Salim Uncle. When father was cremated, Salim uncle was with him, he put money in my hand. I paid the electricity bill with that money, brought home two months of ration.

Sajid Khan is ready to eat something after Bigg Boss’s order and persuasion from the rest of the members. The housemates also celebrate Sajid Khan’s birthday. They also dance together. Talking about the nominations, Soundarya, Archana, Ankit and Sumbul have been nominated this week. Apart from this, MC Stan has also been nominated as punishment.

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