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Bigg boss 16, Bigg Boss 16: ‘Who are you to insult my daughter?’, Tina Datta’s mother also took a stand against Sumbul’s father – bigg boss 16 tina datta mother slams sumbul touqeers father

After what happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, controversy has started outside the house as well. Sumbul Taukeer Khan was allowed to talk to his father on the phone. He spoke to the daughter on audio call and was also counseled. Sumbul had spoken to his father earlier too, but this time many controversies have arisen after what his father said. The family members do not know what Sumbul’s father said, but his family members are reacting. Sumbul’s father used abusive language for Tina. Tina Dutta’s mother has also taken a stand against Sumbul’s father in this matter.

Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father’s touching reply to Shalin Bhanot’s father, also revealed to the makers

Tina Dutta’s mother has shared a video on her daughter’s Instagram account. In this video, he is saying that I am Tina’s mother. I did not get the same opportunity as the other contestant’s parents, so I would like to speak to you through this medium. Scolding my daughter on national TV, her father said to kick her in the face…what a word. Who gave him the right to speak like this? Who are you to abuse my daughter? If your daughter is doing something wrong, does that mean you will scold my daughter? Is this the duty of parents?

Tina Dutta’s mother further said, I want you all to think. How bad a mother must have felt when such words were used about her daughter. Sumbul’s father talked him into showing Shaleen and Tina his identity. With this he said, ‘You tell Tina that you are not ashamed?. These people are so bad. There’s a lot going on’. He also asked to kick Tina in the mouth. Sumbul agreed with her father and agreed to do as he said. After this episode, Sumbul’s father has come under the target of users and celebs. Urvashi Dholakia, who was the winner of Bigg Boss 6, also expressed her anger and wrote ‘Wow Bigg Boss…you have made yourself like Big Loss. The show turned into a joke, thanks to Sumbul and his father, who forgot that he was everyone’s child in the house. You should be ashamed’.

Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer’s father comes under fire for kicking Tina Datta and showing off

Sumbul’s father became a guest on Bigg Boss 16 for the third time. For the first time he came to cheer up his daughter. The second and third time he intended to guide the lost daughter, but both times instead of pointing Sumbul in the right direction, he pointed the finger at Shalin and Tina.

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