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Bigg Boss 16 episode preview: The scramble for ration gets chaotic with surprise nominations, Maahim brings happiness in the house! , television news

New Delhi: The battles between right and wrong are a constant on COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ that sheds light on different perspectives in the most entertaining way.

In tonight’s episode, a huge fight over duties breaks out between contestants MC Stan and Archana Gautam. It was the rapper’s turn to clean the washrooms, but he did not do a decent job according to Archana. When he confronts her about it, she warns that because the rapper has instigated her, she won’t do any household chores.

MC Stan retorts in his rapping style “Tereko batane ka tere kisse toh tere ho jaayenge hisse.” Archana complains that no one reprimands Shalin Bhanot when he doesn’t contribute to the chores. While the rapper argues that Shalin is sick from an asthma attack, Archana alleges that MC Stan is too footage-savvy and that’s why he’s picking up a fight with her. The rapper makes a thundering comeback by claiming that it is Archana, who loiters around Abdu for footage. Watch the conclusion of this fight in tonight’s episode.

After the fight, ‘Bigg Boss’ invites everyone to the living room and sympathizes with those who are missing their families and the comfort of home. Good news courses the coveted house when the master of the house announces that the contestants will find things that they have been missing at regular intervals throughout this week. Cheering up all those who have been missing their pets, ‘Bigg Boss’ welcomes a new member of the house Maahim, a cute St. Bernard. The vibe and energy of the house change as all the housemates rush to welcome the four-legged beauty at the entrance. What is amusing is the adorable conversation that the housemates have with Maahim. It will be exciting to see what ‘Bigg Boss’ has in store for the housemates for the rest of the week.

The tension among the contestants scales up as the master of the house conducts a ration-shopping task. The activity area is fashioned into ‘BB Mandi’ and every time it opens for business, any two members unanimously decided by housemates can go ration shopping. When the first two contestants enter the mandi, the master reveals that the ration shopping task is also a nomination drill, which is conducted as per the mandi rate, which is ‘paanch ka ek’ and ‘dus ka do’. To buy ten ration/grocery items, the housemates in the mandi must nominate two contestants, and to buy five items, they must nominate one contestant. It will be interesting to watch the mandi dwellers choose food over the contestants they want out of the house. For the third round of this task, a huge ruckus erupts over who enters the mandi for shopping. Enraged with the housemates, ‘Bigg Boss’ makes a shocking decision. Find out the twist that the master of the houses brings to this ration-cum-nomination task.

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