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Bigg Boss 16: Fans applaud Shalin Bhanot for standing up for Tina even after the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ fiasco! , TV News

New Delhi: Actor Shalin Bhanot is one name that has made headlines consistently since Bigg Boss 16 went on air. After two decades and some 20 shows later, Shalin entered the Bigg Boss house with the emotional baggage of his past relationship and to start afresh.

Shalin entertained his inmates & also audiences with his antics right from the word GO and despite being pulled down on several occasions has continued to stand tall and strong.

While netizens have blamed the makers a few times for being biased towards Shalin but it is no secret that the actor has been able to pull off maximum screentime during the episodes & also Weekend Ka Vaar. Bigg Boss has always been about individual game & Shalin has successfully proved to be the dark horse & a one man army because he doesn’t have a strong friendship to fall back on the show. Having said that Shalin has been a loyal friend himself & saved his closed ones many times on the show from nominations & helped them win the captaincy tasks.

Last night when Salman spoke in favor of Shalin & warned him against Tina for her double standards, everyone agreed. Tina was almost in tears & nobody except Shalin stood up for her & requested Salman to not be hard on her that eventually went wrong for him as it pissed off the host.

Fans are enraged but also sympathize with Shalin who’s been cornered despite his well intentions & they applaud his Guts for speaking up in front of Salman, something most would shy away from.

Bigg Boss winners have always been people who swam against the tide & took risks. Does this mean we already have a winner in Shalin Bhanot, only time will tell.

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