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Bigg Boss 17 Day 15 Updates: Aishwarya Sharma, Vicky Jain At Loggerheads At Nomination Task | Television News

New Delhi: In tonight’s episode, BIGG BOSS drops a bombshell, announcing that he’s opening the door to the spiderweb this week and allowing contestants to nominate their chosen targets for eviction by providing a justified reason. 

Ankita Lokhande complaints to Munawar Faruqui that whenever she fights with Vicky Jain, she gets unhappy by his lecture. Outside, Ankita says that she has lost her connection with Isha. She used to think Isha was a child but she was wrong. 

Munawar enjoys. On the other hand, Neil Bhatt tells Sana Raees Khan that Vicky might have already made a plan before entering the show that he will not spend time with his wife Ankita.

Isha Malviya and Aishwarya Sharma fight with each other over kitcghen duties. 

Munawar and Mannara talk to each other. Vicky says Mannara is an easy target and Abhishek and Khanzadi agree. Vicky says Isha is visible in the show because of Abhishek. He advises Abhishek to stop giving attention to her as she doesn’t have individual personality. 

One by one, the housemates step into the spotlight, making their intentions clear, and with determination nominate their fellow contestants.

During the nomination process, tensions escalate as Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt seek revenge by nominating Vicky Jain. This leads to a heated argument between them. Aishwarya Sharma boldly tells Vicky Jain, “You started this, Vicky Bhaiya, but I’ll finish it properly.” 

Vicky responds by stating that his initial target was Neil, and Aishwarya’s interference frustrates him. This, in turn, sparks Neil Bhatt’s anger as he questions Vicky, “Who are you to speak in this matter?”

Manasvi is having a conversation with Munawar and Aishwarya. She is hurt that Anurag nominated her because she never thought he would betray her.

Later, Abhishek Kumar grapples with his emotions in light of Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya’s relationship. Seeking a path forward, he appears to be growing closer to Khanzaadi. 

He playfully tells Khanzaadi that he sees her differently now and he even come up with a special hashtag, #Abhizaadi, to represent their connection. To add a little mystery, Abhishek holds Khanzaadi’s hands and gives it a kiss.

Abhishek and Khanzaadi have a conversation about love. Khanzaadi says that Isha gets annoyed when she talks to Abhishek. Then she asks if Abhishek ever dated anyone apart from Isha. He replies that he has had feelings but never went into a relationship.

Is Abhishek just teasing Isha, or has he truly moved on? The viewers are abuzz with questions about what’s really happening in between them?

Towards the end of the episode, Sana informed Isha that Vicky told her something negative about her. When Isha goes to confront Vicky, he denies it first and then agrees. 

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