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Bigg Boss 17, Day 2 Written Updates: Mannara, Navid, Abhishek Get Nominated In The First Week | Television News

New Delhi: In tonight’s episode, COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’ decides to rattle the cage with favouritism, compelling contestants to be on their toes. He announced that the residents of each makaan must nominate one occupant, who doesn’t deserve to be in their chosen space for eviction. 

Most of the inhabitants of the Dil makaan nominated contestant Mannara Chopra and this didn’t go down well with the nominee, who alleges that she has been betrayed. Later, Dimaag contestants nominated Navid and Dum contestants nominated Abhishek. 

Amidst the first nomination drill, a massive fight broke out between contestants Arun Srikanth and Abhishek Pandey. It all started with Abhishek blabbering the details of a private conversation between Arun and Sunny Arya, who are now pally with each other. 

An embarrassed Arun affirms that Abhishek should not have divulged the details of his ‘guy talk’ with Sunny, leading to a verbal spat. It will be interesting to see if this fight makes it to megastar Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

Abhishek’s over-aggressive nature upsets many housemates and Bigg Boss. The actor gets his last warning from Bigg Boss for his nature. 

After the nomination task, Navid bursts into tears, on the other hand, Mannara feels betrayed by Vicky Jain. Ankita tries to patch things up between Vicky and Mannara. Navid discusses with Munawar that earlier too, the international contestants have done well and he should at least be given a chance. 

Later, in the confession room, Mannara calls Vicky ‘clever,’ Munawar comforts her. The actress requests Bigg Boss to shift Vicky i another room for one night as a punishment, but BB politely refuses. BB also questions Munawar’s ‘gyaani’ part, stops him from doing so. A fun banter bursts between Mannara and Munawar after their meet in the confession room. The comedian calls the actress ‘most real’ in Dil room. 

Jigna rudely tells Ankita to go out of the room, actress gets very hurt. Sonia takes a stand for Ankita, Jigna bursts on her as well. Later, the journalist apologises to Ankita, and clarifies that this is her tone!

Sonia flirts with Munawar, says she goes ‘flat on his smile.’ Isha, Abhishek tease Vicky on his flirting skills! Abhishek compliments Vicky-Ankita’s couple, calls them ‘better’ than Aishwarya and Neil. Vicky feels that Neil is claustrophobic in his relationship with Aishwarya as she always keeps a hold on him. 

Late at night, Isha and Mannara get into a disagreement over a very small issue. Isha even calls Mannara ‘weird, awkward, attention seeker.’ 

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