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Bigg Boss 17, Day 23 Updates: Anurag Dhobal Accuses Tehelka Of Physical Violence, 8 Contestants Get Nominated | Television News

New Delhi: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed major fights among the contestants. It began with Munawar Faruqui and Arun Mashetty and ended up with Ankita Lokhande and Aishwarya Sharma. 

The day began with Sana Raees Khan being found sleeping by the Bigg Boss after which the alarm rings. Arun and Tehelka plan to target Munawar. ‘Dum’ housemates confront Ankita and other contestants from Dil house about stealing tea leaves. The housemates are seen having an argument. Later, Anuragh called them out saying that they should not listen to Munawar, and fought back with him. 

Tehelka seems to be angry with Anurag and asks him not to start a fight. The two get into an intense fight which turns physical after Sunny Arya pushes Anurag Dhobal. Anurag then loses his calm and challenges him for a fight. He is seen screaming, “Hit me if you have guts.” Anurag also removes his mic and tells Bigg Boss that Sunny resorted to physical violence. 


Munawar and Mannara confront the house number 3 contestants about stealing their parathas. Arun asks Munawar to consider everyone’s frustration as they are not getting enough food to eat. Munawar comments that he gave Arun an opportunity to appear on the screen since he is seen sleeping all day.

Ankita Lokhande and Jigna Vora get into an argument over stealing food. 

Ankita, Neil Bhatt, and Aishwarya Sharma hide the stolen food items. Neil and his wife get into an argument and scream at each other. Later, the couple is seen consoling each other and hugging it out. 

The Bigg Boss screen flashes a news about a Jinn being in the house, who fulfills a few orders. Jigna and Rinku tease Mannara and Munawar about their flirtation but Munawar makes it clear that they are only good friends whose behavior can affect each other. 

Bigg Boss announces nomination task. Each member is asked to nominate 2 contestants from their house. Ankita, Aishwarya, and Neil were nominated from house number 1. Isha and Ankita get into an argument over the nomination.

Dum housemates take part in the nomination task. At the end, Sunny Arya (Tehelka), Arun, and Samarth get nominated from Dum house, while Anurag and Sana are safe. 

Ankita, Vicky, Neil and Aishwarya get into major argument. During the heated exchange of words, Aishwarya calls Ankita ‘chudail’. 

Dimaag housemates are called in for the nomination task and they are given an opportunity by the Bigg Boss that if they name the six nominated contestants from Dil and Dum house, they would be saved from the nomination. Housemates guess wrong name and they nominate Navid Sole and Mannara from among themselves. 

At the end, Ankita Lokhande, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Arun Mashetty, Sunny Arya (Tehelka), Samarth Jurel, Mannara and Navid Sole are nominated. 

Neil and Aishwarya have a discussion about the scenarios in the house but end up having an argument.

Ankita Lokhande is seen breaking into tears and missing her home after having disagreements with her housemates. On the other hand, Samarth and Isha are seen getting into an argument where Isha names Abhishek in her priority list.

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