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Bigg Boss 17 Day 9 Written Updates: Is Vicky Jain The Ultimate Chanakya Of House? | Television News

New Delhi: The brand new episode started with Abhishek sobbing in bed. Apparantly, Abhishek got insecure because of his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya. Thereafter, he bursted out loud on Isha and the duo got into a bitter loud scuffle. As a result, he gives up and appeals to exit the house. In a rather appalling move, Abhishek reveals to being ultra possessive for Isha whenever he is sad and she is being jolly simultaneously. 

Annoyed with the environment of the house, Bigg Boss shuffles the housing arrangement. In an interesting turn of events, Bigg Boss gave the Dum house residents a special power to witness the nomination process today. The house of Dimaag nominated 8 contestants which was secretly being monitored by the Dum contestants. Thereafter, the Dil house chose 6 out of those 8 nominated contestants. 

In a clear display of diplomacy, Vicky Jain manipulated all into nominating Aishwaya and Neil from their house. As a result, the house ended up nominating Khanzaadi, Aishwarya, Neil, Soniya, Tehelkabhai and Sana. 

Aishwarya called Tehelka ‘two-faced’ right after nominations. Sana confronted Mushawar for his bitter shayari. While Navid confessed to having a lot of anger against the contestants, Khanzaadi gave him a reality check that nobody should be trusted. 

Towards the end of episode, Tehelka bhai gave it back to Aishwarya for calling him ‘two-faced’. Neil got agitated. Vicky and Ankita had another brawl when the former was in a conversation with Sana. Khanzaadi and Sana then fought bitterly when the duties were being talked about. 

With Bigg Boss making his powerful moves, the game is just getting interesting in the house. Keep watching Bigg Boss 17. 


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