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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 18 Written Updates: Jiya Shankar Aces Captaincy Task, Bebika Refuses To Cook For Abhishek Malhan, Jad Hadid | television news

New Delhi: Bigg Boss offers housemates a chance to remove Jiya Shankar as captain and bag the power. With this, the new captain will have the power to alter the nominated contestant. Since Jad is nominated for his ‘act’ in the last week, he cannot take part in the task. Housemates are given the task to remove Jiya Shankar from the ‘shahi kursi’ in the three-hour time frame.

Housemates Torture Jiya Shankar With Chillies, Shaving Foam, Pepper

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The task begins and housemates – including Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhurve, Cyrus Broacha, and Abhishek Malhan attack Jiya with turmeric, oil, black pepper, water and eggs, to make her step down from the chair. Jad objects to Manisha and says she has been continuously attacking her. Manisha asks not to talk to her during the task. While housemates attack her, Avinash helps Jiya by regularly pouring water on her. Abhishek, Bebika and Manisha object to it and get into an argument. Jad gets irritated with Bebika and calls her ‘evil’.


Bebika and Abhishek get into an argument over the ‘captaincy’ task. Duo attack and call each other by names.

Housemates fail to remove Jiya from the chair in the given time frame. Bigg Boss announces that since Jiya didn’t leave the chair, she continues to remain the captain for this week.

Avinash tells Jad that housemates used eggs from his tray to attack Jiya. Jad takes a few eggs from Pooja’s tray and fills his. Pooja talks about it with Avinash.

Bebika Announces Not To Cook Food For Jad Hadid, Abhishek Malhan

Bebika creates a ruckus and says Jad spit on the ground while looking at her, and complains to every housemate for ‘being nice to her’. She breaks into tears. In the kitchen area, she announces that she would not cook for Jad and Abhishek. Captain Jiya attempts to intervene, but Bebika remains unwavering in her decision, challenging Jiya’s authority.

Jiya asks Jad to apologize to Manisha for his action during the captaincy task. Jad had allegedly dropped a bowl carrying egg and wheat paste which Manisha had prepared to attack on Jiya. Jad apologizes to Manisha, who then tells Jiya that she would never speak to him in the house again.

Pooja Bhatt Calls Jad Hadid Schizophrenic

Pooja Bhatt, while speaking to Bebika and Cyrus, questions Jad’s sincerity and labeling him as ‘schizophrenic’. Pooja said that Bebika’s decision not to make chapatis for Jad is fair as he behaved in a very wrong manner with her. He apologized to the whole country after the incident but it looks like he isn’t sorry from his heart. “I think he’s schizophrenic,” she said. Her outspoken remarks create a division among the housemates and intensify the brewing tensions.

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